WP application platform with full function sets, but it still is not an official version

Windows Phone has belongs to own the whole function sets a application, but it is not from Facebook official version. But the French developers Rudy Huyn for Windows Phone development (name is 6 tagram) before I come.

the application covers the most function of iOS and Android version sets. 6 tag provides access to sets of built-in filter function, upload video, as well as the line to and function of the radial blur. Huyn also as an added to share to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, bursts, vitamin k and Foursquare’s function.

6 tag

though free, but the risk is still there. Once the Facebook make adjustments in the API, sets a application of the third party, can’t work normally.

a few weeks ago, sets had changed anti-spam filter rules, delete and blocked by some pictures. After Facebook changed again, to allow third-party applications continue to upload photos to their server. Facebook claims to “we are committed to creating the best on iOS and Android platform sets experience”, and bring this experience to all want to use them.

according to The Verge, a few months ago for Microsoft Windows Phone platform designed a sets a application, but ultimately failed to publish online. Sets a refused to answer whether and when to design an official application for Windows Phone platform. 6 tag for Windows users, so far still is the best choice.