Wozniak: if we can cooperate with Google that apple will become more powerful

recently, in an interview with the BBC, the apple co-founder Steve wozniak said that if apple and Google, then maybe apple will become more powerful.

wozniak said if apple chose to use the relevant technology of the Google search, then Siri function (iOS voice assistant) will increase greatly. In addition, he also talked about this could be mutually beneficial projects, also will be good for apple’s wearable equipment research and development.

“sincerely hope that apple and Google will become a good partner” wozniak said.

when asked if apple and Google should how to cooperate, wozniak said he also don’t know how to undertake.

it’s interesting that Mr. Wozniak later denied this view of their own. He said: “I’m sorry, I before may be inappropriate. I am not understanding the marketing strategy of a company, who are undeniably a company must be profitable.”

however, the apple veteran admits that the gap with Google in some software and services. He stressed that in the field of speech recognition assistant, apple will catch up with Google. In an interview, he said: “sometimes, when I tell Siri” went to the restaurant of the jobs, “it (Siri) don’t know where jobs’s restaurant. And when I for Android devices is Google Now) give the same instruction, it can achieve it.”

when it comes to dealing with relations with another rival samsung, wozniak, points out that a lot of samsung mobile phone is apple to learn, a lot of details (application) he wants can also be added in the iPhone. However, wozniak said don’t know whether samsung allow apple to do so.

wozniak said in an interview: “apple will continue to move forward. At the same time, the cross licensing (cross – licensing) and technology sharing, all companies will benefit.”