Worth 99 large gathering activities online sales more than 7 minutes

bargain, “big gathered 99” campaign launched today, first kick ali group in the second half of the consumer feedback activities. was lit the enthusiasm of the moment, consumer goods group in just seven minutes, turning over one hundred million yuan, 15 minutes to two hundred million yuan, the first hour volume locking in 4. , bargain, daily turnover from eighty million to 100 million, and today only just 7 minute .

Zhang Jianfeng

however, bargain, President stressed that the 99 largest poly don’t pursue transactions, main purpose is to let the consumer efficient experience this year volume group, famous brand, such as custom, gathering home outfit vertical core business, and let the business through this activity to promote supply chain integration, enhance the level of logistics service capability, and find the most suitable operation model.

it is understood that the activities of all the goods promises cut the lowest price within 30 days, 60 days part of the industry can promise the lowest price. Companies must deliver the goods within the 7 days (except home decoration industry), and promised to 7 days no reason to return. A total of more than 300 brand more than 600 items, covering beauty makeup, clothing, decoration, brand daily necessities, and other categories, including chanel, prada and so on well-known brand. gloria, jiangnan cloth, etam, and so on dozens of clothing brand in big benefit activity by 5 discount release and price. Procter & gamble, unilever’s each big brand comfortable, lion king, button wei Lou, le le goods such as participated in 99 in super discount of 2.4 fold up together live move.

for fear of buying less than good things, many consumers in a few days before the activity of the preheating period, on the phone to place an order to lock the goods, 10 o ‘clock in the morning to formally open text back quickly to pay immediately. “ the event is made up of many big brands, aggressive and activity, high cost performance, afraid not rob, so in advance two days before order.” a just snapped up to armani watches miss ma said.

Zhang Jianfeng said, for consumers, bargain, is a high efficient shopping sites, goods is the most cost-effective, service and product description is absolutely guaranteed, a consumer shall have the right to make a quick decision. 99 poly’s goal is to make consumers enjoy the so efficient and high quality shopping experience.