World of warcraft defeat still shadow the9 The future will still be sad

author: Li Qingle

consecutive losses of the9 yesterday was to expose a new round of layoffs. At present, the vice President of the9 PiaoShun optimal has confirmed departure. Sources said that the adjustment aims to mainly focus on the return of the miracle “, “Firefall” and so on key projects, in addition to end swam, page, hand swim projects have also been affected, the proportional valve to reach 2-3 layoffs.

world of warcraft is a watershed

zhu jun founded “the ninth city” in 2005, because the agent operation of world of warcraft on top. At that time, almost the whole of China’s online game fans are crazy for the game, at the same time online number is nearly six hundred thousand, “demon animal world” point card revenue will exceed 1.4 million yuan every day. With the agent for the world of warcraft, the9 offerings smoothly and successfully in more than $103 million.

however, since 2009, world of warcraft agency be netease rob away after the9 has four consecutive years of losses. Public information, the9 net revenue of 51 million yuan in the second half of 2012, more than 2012, 103.4 million yuan in the first half fell 51%; Attributable to ordinary shareholders a net loss of 284.6 million yuan, 24% bigger than loss of 229.4 million yuan in the first half of 2012. Share price from 2007, the highest $43, fell to $3 now.

it is true that the9 had lost 92% of the total world of warcraft’s future is dark, but the process has accumulated the9 technology and platform operations massive layoffs, as high as 50%.

swim marginalized the9 end

the9 after losing the world of warcraft was carried out in difficult save itself, to the diversified development, begin to enter page swim, swim, wireless, and overseas market, and try to expand outside the game industry.

among them, the most prominent is the client game.

in addition to independent research and development game “star of The Three Kingdoms”, in the9 in February 2010, to $100 million investment in hangzhou rain of fire, spend more than $2000 in March for a majority stake in Red5, together create the “datang 2”, “immortal”, “fairy and 2” end game, because of poor product operation, at the end of last year, hangzhou rain of fire under “bet against the treaty” has carried on the massive layoffs, “immortal” also was suspended in October.

2012 key projects a since the research product zero era, endowed with the mission of the balance of counterbalanced by a company, the results failed, even as a substitute to world of warcraft 3 d turn-based games “king world” also announced the shutdown.

and is regarded as the rise of the9 work miracle to return, “Firefall” and “planet marginal 2” will be officially launched in 2013. But because the9 start new large-scale cutting plan, the “planet marginal 2” project director wang hai was laid, “miracle 2” has been put on hold, the entire company normal operation of the new project “miracle return” and left the Firefall in preparation for the project team.

the9 on the swimming poor performance mainly from two aspects of reasons, one is influenced by industry as a whole development, client game market scale growth is slowing, is still lack of product innovation, serious homogeneity; Compared to the second big, giant these mainly focus on research and development of the enterprise, can be seen from the agent for the world of warcraft the9 to game agent, congenitally inadequate investment. So difficult to swim marginalized situation in the end.

the rise of tour market, hand the9 won’t let go, of course, it had 600 million cash account, have a bet on the hand want to earn a quick buck. Currently, the9 in hand swim still to the agency and keep abreast of independent research and development strategy, it will also provide some of the intelligent mobile phone games. To face the reality is that there are many different kinds of mobile game market game, subject to the limit of the channel is serious, and mobile game short life cycle, decided to in “light, fast, fresh style is given priority to, apparently this was not good at the9. As more giant and hot money floods of tourism market, more intense fight, later entered the time of the9 road will be harder in the future.

source: tencent technology