Within the Android version of Youtube launched the large-scale application updates, multitasking function ChengLiang points

according to foreign media reports on The Web of science and technology, The Android version of Youtube carried out a major version update. Including the application of multitasking function, more concise sideslip navigation function, automatically generated list of recommended function, and a more Chromecast integration and since video cache function.

1. The application of multitasking function

Android version of the upgraded Youtube will have multitasking capabilities in the application. Users can watch a video at the same time, other operations in Youtube. After the original video can be shrunk, is placed on the lower right corner of the screen to continue to watch. In addition, users can also through the video slide around the little window, so that you can close it quickly.

2. The side navigation function

in order to further highlight the “card” of the UI and concise style, the new Youtube (Android version) of the original main navigation sideslip type navigation instead. In addition, the Youtube also has carried on the upgrade to landscape mode, in addition to watching a movie, search other video, at the same time, it can also be in the user conversion screen automatic adaptation for horizontal, vertical screen mode.

3. Automatically generated list of recommended

in addition to the previously reported automatically recommended list feature, users can also play their existing, or search the video in the others list.

4. More video cache function

the new Youtube at the time of other devices via Chromecast connection, a preview window will appear, in order to inform the user with their other synchronous broadcast video phone equipment. In addition, the upgraded Android version of Youtube, also have many video cache function, allows the user to watch later.

although at present the new Youtube only launched the Android version, but compared with WP users, apple users still more fortunate, because the new Youtube can login iOS platform in the near future.