Wired: Google should be awarded the Nobel Prize for literature

Beijing time on April 6, according to foreign media reports, wired website published an article said that Google should be given this year’s Nobel Prize for literature. He thinks, the Nobel Prize awarded to precedent, the contemporary literary works is also difficult to keep up with the pace of The Times and social development. In addition, the Google books project will be a large number of literature digitization, freely available to the general public. Google has won the Nobel Prize for literature will be rewarding for all writers.

here is the article main content:

1901 Nobel Prize, the prize of potential candidates is realism writer, for their life’s hard writing, which includes historical giants Leo Tolstoy, Edith Wharton, and Henry James (Henry James). However, the authority of the Swedish academy 18 elderly people chose the winners: the first Nobel Prize for literature in 1901 was awarded to the French poet Sully, lv daum (Sully Prudhomme), the second session of the Nobel Prize for literature in 1902 was awarded to historians Theodore monson (Theodor Mommsen).

according to this can be summed up: an era of literary hero is always ignored by future time and taste. If you ask the italians in the 1930 s, let them choose Dante’s greatest poets, most of them will choice Gabrielle d ‘annunzio (Gabriele d ‘annunzio). In the 40 s and 50 s, many americans think that Buck (Pearl Buck) is the most outstanding modernism novelist.

since literary reputation so wobbly, thus creating a more flexible and comprehensive work more meaningful, it can be changed along with society’s pace. Now there is such a work. This also is the Swedish academy should be the cause of the 2013 Nobel Prize for literature awarded to Google.

this notion is not as many people imagine so unrealistic. In Alfred Nobel’s will, the Nobel peace prize to award “to love a person’s biggest contribution between countries”, but the 2012 Nobel peace prize is awarded to the European Union. As the European council on foreign relations, ur rick ancient roethke (Ulrike Guerot) said: “this is the Nobel Prize of symbolic elements, also play a role to promote and support elements.” The prize is also remind europeans, under the condition of the pressure of the European Union, the eu’s responsibility is still significant.

if the eu can be classified as “people”, so why can’t Google? Google is literature? It is a search engine, of course, without the traditional language description. But traditional literary works have been difficult to adapt to this era. If James Joyce (James Joyce) is also difficult to seize the fracture of the essence of life in the 21st century, let alone between people in today’s era almost endless connected.

Google, of course, can track the cultural transformation and the development of the world, the latest news classification, through the correlation filtering, and then permanently to keep it. Remember the 1902 Nobel Prize in literature is awarded a historian, this also is Google won a precedent, because all the valuable history this century from Google is recorded in the vast, endless complex.

this honor the symbolism of the same major, because with the European Union, Google also was widely disparaged as people should cherish it. Is the most serious attack against Google books project, American writers association since 2005 lawsuit against the project. The association filed class-action lawsuits against Google library project, the plan aims to make the past books can through the search view. Although Google is not threatened, but some libraries began to retreat, if Google books project hope coverage is widespread, it needs to have a wider collection of books. Copyright laws are made to balance the interests between writers and the public, Google and the Nobel Prize is a powerful declaration in support of fair use.

root According to Nobel’s will, the Nobel Prize should be awarded the “roll out the best in the field of literary works, it is pointed out that the ideal direction”. Google books is not confined to a work, it can bring more greater interest in literature. No matter what your reading hobby, you are the beneficiaries, because Google’s digital library can from the effects of hurricanes and fire. Now the public a total of 20 million books, more than 2 million units can be downloaded for free.

the academy this year have the opportunity to make a right choice. The Nobel Prize for literature awarded to Google will be the praise of all writers, is not only the text writer, writer also includes code. At the very least, can stick to their traditional Nobel Prize committee member: read the first Nobel Prize winners sully, lv daum poetry creation by the simplest method, is through Google books.

translation: tencent technology