Windows 8 is unable to recover the big picture Microsoft into the role of “irrelevant”


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Windows 8 published six months later, still can’t get enough of the market share, even failure products Vista than market share. Yesterday has been reported that Microsoft is lower Windows 8 and Office office component prices to OEM manufacturers strengthen Windows on the small screen tablet market promotion. Windows 8 have failed?

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Windows 8 is a good product, solve the Windows a lot of problems left over by history, and for the first time, so many years fundamentally rethinking Windows user interface, the greatly simplified. Relative to the generation Windows 7 , Windows 8 change is not big, but it may mark the Windows series of evolution of a major turning point: from the past few years almost pain like a major upgrade into a smooth transition of once a year. So now talk about Windows 8 if the product itself has “failed” seems to be premature.
But the Windows 8 the problem is and if it is a good product, into a successful relationship is not big, but in the traditional sense of the PC market has reached the evening. That is to say, even if Windows 9 become almost perfect, for the whole PC market should also won’t have too big change.
Microsoft’s face is not only the Windows problem.
Microsoft’s current Steve? Ballmer’s this period of video (youku: I don’t know how many people have impression. It doesn’t matter that if English is not good, because he has been to repeat a word – Developers 【 】 software developers. And Microsoft’s biggest problem is the developers no longer care about Microsoft: before web , iOS and Android as representative’s emerging platform has grew up gradually become mainstream from infancy, a growing number of Cenozoic primary development target is no longer a Microsoft developers, because they feel that Microsoft is “irrelevant” (irrelevant) .

it from Windows Phone and Surface app store the lack of the “New, cool, there must be a (New, cool, and must have) application number can see.
“Irrelevant” failure is much more serious than product: the failure of the product can be iterative improvement, can be thrown away again. A denier and the whole company becomes “irrelevant”, no matter what it will no longer how substantial impact on the market. It does not necessarily will fail, and even will continue to profit, but it is no longer the leader of the industry, there will be no critical onset of growth. “It doesn’t matter” means that a technology company on the spirit and temperament.
Microsoft has become more and more “irrelevant”.

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