Windows 8.1 has completed sent to PC makers officially released in October

foreign media reported CNET science and technology, Microsoft has on August 23, the RTM version Windows8.1 distributed to the PC makers.

Windows SuperSite editor, Paul Joseph lott (Paul Thurrott) on Twitter, the first reported the news, and pointed out.

RTM=Release to Manufacturing, both “sent to the production line.

in the software industry, software program code development is completed, will give female slice to plant a large number of tablet, this version is called the RTM version. Basically, RTM version of the program code must be same as official version.

because Windows issue at present is the most important channels to PC makers pre-installed, so Windows RTM version is to put the code into OEM hands, let them finish installed, test procedures, can be listed on the new system, along with all the launch pre-loaded with Windows 8.1 system computer.

currently, Microsoft officials did not comment on the news.

the Windows since its advent, attracted numerous users. So what is the new Windows 8.1 and change?

start button to return to,

win8.1 users will after boot, boot directly to the “desktop model”, however, by default, the situation is not so (that is, users have to change their system default Settings). Here are come from the Windows 8.1 Thurrott desktop screenshot.

, integrating Skype

Microsoft announced the upcoming Windows 8.1 will come with Skype. It is reported, Skype will replace the original Messaging applications in Windows 8, to provide users with voice, video and instant Messaging services.

, built-in Xbox Music

Windows 8.1 built in the new design of the Xbox Music Music application. It can not only collect your music, but also provides a new radio function, and so on.

support 3 d printing,

Windows 8.1 will become the first through the built-in API, support 3 d printing equipment of the system.

Office, update

Windows 8.1 in addition to a whole new Outlook E-mail application, also launched a touch screen version of the Office.


in addition to have a more personal background, on the new magnet interface, you can slide down to open a full application list, and you can also through the filter for the query, sorting, etc.

better support, small size tablet

, update the Bing search

, a virtual keyboard support gestures

media widely reported that Windows 8.1 will be released on October 18.