Wikipedia: the user can via mobile devices to edit the entry

this week three, Wikipedia (Wikipedia) launched a new function: users can through their mobile device (smartphone or tablet) of the Wikipedia entry for editing.

as the world’s biggest and most famous online encyclopedia, wikipedia has been uphold the principle of the equal freedom of editing. Anyone at any time, place, can modify the wikipedia entry. Fragmentation, personalization, mobile has become the trend of the development of The Times, adapt and integrate the characteristics of the mobile terminal, will let the wikipedia to get more users and traffic.

Juliusz Gonera is a mobile software engineer from wikipedia, he wrote on his blog: “if you also had that experience? When using mobile phones to browse wikipedia, suddenly found a mistake, so you can’t wait to be corrected on the spot. Wikipedia’s new features, can satisfy the desire of you.”

it is reported that prior to this, the user can only use a PC to wikipedia entries. However, due to the site of mobile terminal traffic accounts for 15% of the total, so decided to launch the new feature – wikipedia for mobile users can freely modify the site entry.

Gonera said that in the future, wikipedia will also continue to improve the mobile terminal editing functions.