Why taobao blocked the micro letter?

this paper hunting cloud network readers contribute Wang Liyang

ali to block the news of the micro letter a, killing many micro letter for guest entrepreneurs to become cannon fodder, the competition between tencent and ali further. Ali in WeChat 5.0 before the block WeChat wisely, rather than by WeChat J , you cut it, so can forward sliding sideways, control of public opinion. For ali, micro letter too many uncertain factors, the threat is too big, so instead of micro letter, as early as possible the tao.

ali two beautiful reason to block the micro letter

kill ali WeChat gives the reason of two beautiful, one is in order to protect the user consumption safety, the second is to prevent users from being harassed, these two reasons are based on the user’s premises, seems to be the reasonable and moral integrity. But the interests of the users and sellers speech is ali pr home cooking, actually this two perfect reveals the reason behind the selfish idea of ali.

both in safety or harassment question, tencent should care about, is the biggest responsibility in the micro letter, even if will be jointly and severally to ali, but ali to easy, after all, the problem is happened in micro letter platform, ali followed blind worry? Said words of abdomen black as tencent competitors must be ready to see a significant accidents in micro letter. Ali won’t be the purpose of micro letter in order to help maintain order micro letter, but of respect for their own development, in order not to let the outside world, to throw two euphemistically called ali.

ali sudden block, instantly make WeChat taobao guest be kill, but if that’s the pay for safety problems or marketing, that to improve the payment and after excessive adjustment of marketing, ali would lift the block? So, find out the essence of ali force-out WeChat purpose is important, although ali said in a statement “suspended” WeChat related applications in the service market order, but basically have a chance of recovery.

instead of by WeChat J the Cut it.

WeChat 5.0 out fast, micro letter marketing function will be further limits, the recent news about micro kill marketing large envelope was intense discussion, micro envelope kill taobao will be not far from the things, rather than by micro envelope to kill, it is better to ahead, occupied a powerful highs initiative to public opinion.

ali so have moral integrity, is the micro letter some fears, for sellers diversion, micro letter must be helpful, but not for ali’s help, and micro letter to ali in the mobile development is a huge potential in the field of electricity, ali now also not sure exactly how to do micro letter with mobile electricity, but certainly wouldn’t be reduced to ali taobao guest tool, is likely to be poaching taobao sellers. If the seller is in micro the letter bigger, that poaching possibility is very large, so ali now only on taobao guest to make block letter, get rid of threats, in order to avoid any future.

ali from WeChat early is a good thing, or it will soon be poaching, once appear, sellers of mass across to WeChat, ali foundations of mobile electronic business is thoroughly shaken. After sealing off the micro letter, ali have to do is to support the tao, the tao is their products, ali want to how to play it.

sellers need to understand that the purpose of the taobao

but also to find out a problem, ali now only banned WeChat taobao guest, did not do to take WeChat CRM sellers to kill, ali don’t want to leave a abuse of dominant market position for the competition. Block letter taobao guest plans can be justified, but sealed off with micro letter CRM tools of sellers are for no reason, sellers can continue with micro letter as CRM tool use, but also want to in taobao good policy will have to look at taobao. Block in ali micro letter a message at the same time, once again launched three micro tao closed recruiting plan, micro tao was born for taobao to bribe sellers and marketing agency, what sellers have to give some face.

those who take WeChat marketing success of sellers can break, don’t make any noise, own secretly make money is good, otherwise one day annoyed the taobao, the somebody else to think of a reason to put you all closed is bad. Each seller of micro letter marketing case in, plus for micro letter for taobao is negative.

everyone firewood high flame micro tao inducements naturalized marketing large

carefully look at the micro tao closed three periods of “force” the recruitment plan to know everything, micro tao to themselves as “in the mobile phone shopping scene under new electricity service platform”, and to the seller and marketing agencies are drew a piece of pie, “by tao, consumers can find I like anytime and anywhere; Sellers can operate brand consumption culture, customer relationship, sales promotion notice, user interaction, and set up shop; Talent can advocate consumption fashion, bask in single, content and services such as spontaneous group buying.” That most of the functions are all sellers and marketing agencies are hoping that can get the micro letter, micro for all provide to you now.