Why stay home for the business in less than a year of 400 million two rounds of financing

article/Wang Cai minister


Mr Luo Jun in 2011 , month leave sina le ju, I was among the first to report reporter for his departure. I don’t know Luo Jun, but know that he is a man worthy of an interview. I pieced together from various aspects of the impression about Luo Jun: work professional, highly effective, walking fast, speed fast, energetic and strong appeal, let a person remember its trademark smile.

way home net army

a few months after, just heard Luo Jun made a holiday apartment reservation website road home, faintly short rent concept. Calendar year, home network growing reputation. To 2013 years spring, when the road home network B round, the industry in all the way home legends: a year two rounds of financing in total amount of 4 , and VC active seek.

is really valuable or capital hype? VC they are mad? With doubt, Luo Jun become my report topic again, this time with his home network.

in order to better understand the way home, before the interview, I did some homework carefully. Way home network model is easy to understand: for the “room tertiary room elder sister” idle house provide hosting, and the hosting of these idle housing according to the high-grade hotel service to provide accommodation for tourists, income and the landlord. Of course, these idle house standards must conform to the way home, such as or business district area is located in the scenic spot and so on.

way home network and is the difference between peers, other short rent sites like ants short rent, short pig is a trading platform, such as provided by the landlord from live release information, services, and stay home network is deep involvement in building management, landlord left hand, right hand passengers.

impact on real estate in China, the present situation of the high vacancy rate, the road home network is a very good model. For a sample. A your work in Beijing, but in the purchase a seaside villa resort yalong bay, sanya in hainan, he also can’t go a few times a year, most of the time in the empty, still have to worry about security the termite moistureproof, please people management have to pay a hefty fees. Way home network took custody after adding upscale hotel service (cleaning up, pick up), with every night 1500 yuan price sold to sanya vacation jun, at the same location of star hotel a standard room price may be as high as 2000 element. This you a last-borns with preferential price got a nice accommodation experience, the landlord A you not only solve the problem, but also get way home network to his 750 yuan into, happy. When the A you want to go to sanya on holiday, as long as he make an appointment in advance, can also stay in the villa, the difference is that as the landlord, A you enjoy service is free of charge.

mode is good, but again come out a question: in road home, before this model in the offline already exists, has also been experimenting with the Internet, but can’t walk out of a tourist destination, why only way home network can blossom everywhere, the copy, made in the same industry of the same type No. 1 ?

and after Luo Jun chat, this problem had the answer: it has to do with Luo Jun career experience, understand the Internet Luo Jun as you understand real estate, real estate and to understand the people and not Luo Jun understand Internet, Luo Jun into this industry. There’s a phrase Luo Jun confident: China big property developers if you don’t know me Luo Jun, he certainly is not the real estate developers.

as for why rob to cast the way home? These smart investor natural quickly understand the way the home network, understand the Luo Jun and Luo Jun team.

there is a particularly interesting details, a well-known investor, for the sake of more into 10 $, make a phone call with Luo Jun impending nuptials, from the evening 11 PM to chat 12 PM, the last Luo Jun no way out, he had to be agreed. Luo Jun explanation: 10 $ 4 big plate, after all is because investors are bullish on our model, one can be put into one more point, the rate is different in the future.

things to, people to, of course, take a shot.

at the moment, standing spire resort industry in China, is from Shanghai. Isn’t it? Luo Jun come from Shanghai, the way home, China’s largest tourist destination short apartment rental services; Shen, James liang, such as “four gentlemen” is from Shanghai, has made the ctrip and home inns, the former is China’s largest online travel agency, which is the largest budget hotel chains in China; ZhuangChen super is from Shanghai, where did — the largest tourism product in China traffic price-comparison site.

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