Why pay treasure to parent company holding celestica fund?

jack ma in its financial position and set a son. Pay treasure to pay wasn’t content to serve as a fund channel role, instead through holding celestica fund direct intervention to the funds.

late yesterday, has suspended one day of Inner Mongolia jun is announcement said, pay treasure to the parent company of zhejiang alibaba e-commerce co., LTD., offered 1.18 billion yuan of registered capital subscribed celestica fund, zhejiang alibaba deals will hold 51% of the equity, celestica fund become the controlling shareholder.

prior to this, the treasure to pay treasure to be a partner with celestica fund balance, once stirred the fund industry’s nerves. Today, from the product cooperation rise to the level of capital. By holding celestica fund, pay treasure from the pay channel role, turned to the asset management business.

if the subscription for the China securities regulatory commission approval, means that the balance of treasure can get rid of the question of cut corners, fair and square in the fund business. At the same time, the past simple into Internet and financial industries, channel cooperation pattern is broken, further into the depth of cooperation, the acquisition or will open the Internet and financial industries.

pay treasure to the role of the great leap forward

why alipay holding celestica fund?

close to celestica fund sources, celestica fund and pay treasure to cooperation target is not only a product partners, more hope to pay treasure to binding, cut into the fund market together. Cooperation with the balance of the treasure to the success, set the stage for capital cooperation.

before cooperate with alipay, celestica fund only a not well-known small funds, and now, according to people familiar with the balance scale have nearly 50 billion yuan, among the funds. “Through alipay, celestica fund from pretty women.” A fund field personage says, “if in traditional way, the size of the years are hard to do so. A lot of small fund companies, for many years no growth or even shrink.”

good credit founder ming-shun li (weibo) believes that capital level cooperation is necessary. “For alipay, the fund began. Pay treasure with a cooperation, cooperation with three to five, the difference is not big.” Previously, balance treasure controversial – although the official explanation, celestica fund’s direct selling, alipay does not involve the sales link, just as a direct payment and settlement in the middle of the account, but thought, balance of treasure in the fine line, akin to sell funds.

ming-shun li think, pay treasure to parent company after holding celestica fund, the future can be fair in the fund business.

eliminate risk is not the only consideration of alipay. Hongyuan securities research institute, deputy director of the Yi Huan huan think, pay treasure and fund companies in the past, the role is to do market channels, and now is to directly engaging in asset management business by way of the Internet.

the purchase for ali added more imagination space. Pay treasure can take advantage of the fund unit, and ali group mall, foreign trade, financial loan products, etc.

Inner Mongolia jun is, according to the announcement before increase endowment spread, celestica fund registered capital is 180 million, after the increase endowment spread, celestica fund with a registered capital of 510 million. “Registered capital is huge, bright future to do more important things, not just simple asset management business, read the future lies in the more innovative business.” Yi Huan huan said.

but in the end, alibaba subscription can reach, still depends on the attitude of the regulators. Statement pointed out that the framework agreement, has involved issues was reached by celestica fund is needed to review and China securities regulatory commission for approval of the shareholder’s meeting. “Now lies in the attitude of the regulators.” Yi Huan huan said.

open the Internet and the traditional financial capital cooperation first

from balance, treasure to pay treasure to holding celestica fund, this is a wake-up call for fund company.

although pay treasure to the official statement said, “will always open strategy, and constantly strengthen with other funds in various forms of cooperation”, but in the outside world, it seems, celestica fund and pay treasure to capital cooperation, can cause a certain to other fund company pay treasure of inequality.

a fund company researcher to tencent’s science and technology, said: “in the face of celestica fund association with alipay, the second batch of waiting and balance treasure docking company, is similar to try and other Internet platform company cooperation, adhere to the docking or the continuation of the established strategy? Fund companies have to make a choice.”

in the future, for Internet channels for fund company will enter a piece of the red sea. If securities regulatory commission approved the subscription, or the future will be more small fund companies to seek cooperation with depth of Internet companies. “This ali and celestica the cooperation on the level of capital, is a collaboration between traditional and Internet enterprise depth one horn, do not rule out future acquisitions emerge in endlessly.” The researchers said the fund company.

a fund field, according to celestica fund rivals envy, but also for everyone to jog. Fund company core competence include investment in research and development ability, market development ability, the ability of market development, the past is the bank channel and its platform operation ability; And plus, it seems, on the depth of Internet channel integration and utilization of capacity.

“in the past, fund companies a lot of customer resources in the hands of the bank. Through the Internet portal to effectively integrate resources, improve the position of the value chain is the inevitable choice. In the Internet channel slow fund companies, the challenges will be more and more big.” These people said.

the integration of Internet and traditional financial industry or more than that. Ming-shun li believes that in addition to the traditional Internet platform acquisition or investment finance companies, financial companies could buy Internet channel.

Ali financial ambition

at present, ali pay financial businesses have been covered, small loans, guarantee, insurance, funds and other fields. Since this year, ali launch a credit balance of payments, treasure, planning a cornucopia, holding celestica fund, in the field of financial actions frequently.

a little ali and technology people in the financial services group to tencent, said earlier this year, small investment is established financial services group, affiliated to the enterprise group of alipay and sharing platform. Investment plans to invest in some complements ali financial business of Internet financial startup or data. This means that, following the celestica fund, had not rule out other disclosure of the project.

a financial analysts believe that ali financial ambitions is to become a whole and complete financial services supermarket chain of funds holding, capital operation, such as many links will involve, so do the Banks is the inevitable choice. Bank solve the problem of funds retained the entrance, and capital operation to provide basic platform for the future. Previous according to people familiar with the matter said, ali’s financial plans to submit proposed ali Internet banking application, had communication with the China banking regulatory commission.

the funds in the Internet plays an important role in the financial, is an important pilot in ali financial arrangement. “Fund company registered capital of 100 million, but there is no limit to the asset management, is one of the biggest leverage, ready fun than Banks.” Yi Huan huan evaluation.

source: tencent technology author: ke-xin wang