Why iRadio about apple’s success or failure?

recently, reports of apple is released in the WWDC iRadio. The all-new streaming media software is regarded as Microsoft products Pandora “ultimate killer”.

and the media compared to “the fierce fire” iOS7, iRadio return true not be big news.

however, this is absolutely not to say that it is not important.

focused on it, to attach importance to it, because we hope for apple. We hope the new flow media software iRadio, can really perfect as “promise” of the media.

apple has recently been trying to improve some software services, such as podcasts, apps, Maps, iTunes Match, and Siri, but it was poor results. If the iRadio or “mess”, the future development of the apple is really worrying.

as cook repeatedly, apple’s advantage lies in its closed production mode, hardware, software, service is the three pillars of the system.

, single is a service that on the one hand, it becomes difficult to see that apple’s so-called “superiority”. Especially compared with its powerful rival, Google, apple is in absolute disadvantage in some ways. Apple maps, for example, although in continuous improvement, but from the power of the performance in terms of market share are far behind Google maps. As for apple up, it can’t and Google’s Gmail “comparison”. Even apple’s proud Siri voice assistant before the upgrade version of Google Now will also be “shame”.

have to admit, apple’s design of soft and hard indeed better than Android.

however, Google is vigorously improve its software, and faster than apple boost the speed of its service performance. In the aspect of hardware, Google also try and HTC cooperation, introduced a cost-effective HTC One. The flagship version of the phone is not lost to the iphone 5, and even in some ways doing even better than it.

in other words, apple’s rivals are rapidly shorten the gap between them with the apple devices.

as two of the most in the future smartphone war rival, any one party want to win the final victory, must provide users with a richer experience.

apple can continue without the smoke of the battlefield? Perhaps iRadio conference to give us the answer.