Why has 650 million Skype users can’t make a big companies such as tencent?


on zhihu user question:

Skype with 6.5 users, when Microsoft to buy only the 85 $. Why Skype no make tencent value 600 $big companies?

Skype, reply as follows:

(wedge) are a speculation to resell, lost soul once the demise of the excellent product

once an Skype , (at that time is responsible for the Taiwan version, head of the Chinese version of PChome – Skype) , and Niklas/Janus/Geoffrey/Toivo in Linkedin once link ( MBA application or recommendation Niklas ) I’ll try to focus in response to this problem. (note: I 4 start to do the booth, in 6 years leave the team, so after the thing I don’t know)

Skype 3 year they sell Ebay , lost direction this effect is one of the biggest


Ebay , CEO Niklas and shadow strategist Janus are out of the business and is responsible for the Strategy + Corp Dev CSO, Geoffrey also off. the CTO , speaks English accent very heavy Estonia technical genius Toivo ( this elder brothers of the venter, dead tired me meeting.) Takeover is Ebay the gang a group try to Skype integration into the auction system as a ring of the small and medium-sized merchants service. BUT!!!!!!!!!!! it’s not work!!!!! because of the communication link are not as limited / payment link, for C2C and B2C trading, has significant importance. Buy Paypal is a big buy, buy Skype ? I really don’t understand why buy at that time, but also out of the premium, really don’t understand. Skype in sell Ebay before the positioning is peer-to-peer (P2P) -based VOIP communication tools, there are a large number of end users and the sprouting of SMB users . Revenue is that it was one of the biggest problems (mainly by Skype – Out , but this thing very thin profits, is a with carrier buy a dime then mark up 20% sell business) to a certain extent,