Why Facebook launched class Vine automatic video playback function?

according to foreign media science and technology The Verge report, mobile version Facebook is rolling out a similar to the Vine automatic video playback function.

however, unlike Vine , Facebook (move) the video there is no limit to the time, and can now play uploaded to News Feeds. And he said, this feature is temporarily not support Youtube video such as a third party.

more special is, in the process of users browse, although video will automatically play, but it will keep silent. And after the user clicks on the video, it will emit sound at the same time, and presents a full-screen playback mode.

all roads lead to Rome: Twitter , Facebook right

it is not hard to find, such as Facebook and Twitter and other social networks, are actively to build their own profit model. Both of them at the same time is above,

as a user to contact Facebook , it is necessary to further develop in the direction of the media. So that on the large user base, attract more brand advertisers. On the other hand, Twitter attribute prefer to social media platform . user 1 pet. here with poor social interaction. thus, it should be to go a way similar to sina weibo. from the original single information release, into a can to retain users, endowed with sticky social platform. A typical example is Twitter recent launch of the “blue line” display mode, as well as , each in the Twitter pictures will be will be presented (this is clearly in order to attract users).

the profit pattern of demand diversity, to prepare for add video advertising

back Facebook (mobile) launch video playback function automatically. Facebook the move, is obviously in the groundwork for the upcoming video ads. Although the social networking giant with advertising, there was a great but as inserted in advertising time destroy the user’s experience, and often criticized by people. Launch video playback function automatically, will certainly to a certain extent, reduce the video advertising to the user.

according to A dAge , Facebook in the 10 month to NewsFeeds in the push for 15 seconds of video ads. NewsFeeds every day most meeting to each user push three video ads. However, because of concerns that harm the user experience, Facebook has been announced recently delayed the plan.

Facebook after the listing, have been actively is looking for all kinds of profitable way. In addition, it also never conceal his interest in advertisements. According to professional personage analysis, if the above video advertising vision can be achieved, it will bring its daily 100-240 $cash cow’s milk.