Why do you say baidu and sina weibo capital cooperation broke

ali in the industry to take a stake in sina weibo, let’s review, once spread gossip between baidu and weibo.

as early as in sina weibo to start with independent operation, want to take a stake in the industry from the baidu weibo message, the final result of the “sina declined. Baidu launched a microblogging product, later (it is said that is not publicly called baidu weibo, is to want to avoid positive competition) and other weibo but unfortunately less than a year baidu was shut down this service.

but baidu also cannot give up instant search, and weibo has become the most important source of information real-time search. So baidu has also been seeking in weibo. So, first in April last year baidu launched a integrated weibo application, tweeting “box”, this is li “leave users in baidu” train of thought of another product. Then, last November, baidu’s real-time search launched tencent weibo, sohu weibo, netease weibo three contents. But lacked sina.

community search is gradually eroding traditional search market, which is the arrival of the era of mobile Internet accelerate the fission of the market, in the race to the smartphone screen, weibo icon has impressively along with baidu’s icon in the user’s mobile phone.

earlier, sina why so “stubborn”, not to baidu “fan”?

as a leader, sina weibo strategic thought is very clear, hope to build a weibo based business ecosystem, including, celebrity strategy, order. Microblogging open platform, application together. Weibo electric commercial advertising platform, game together business. With celebrity appeal to user groups, with application of stick to user groups, user groups to produce revenue. This is a complete product chain system. Any missing ring, can guarantee that. But the formation of the ring, the premise is sina weibo to resources, gathered a large number of celebrity weibo users weibo content become the most valuable asset. Baidu want to grab it is sina weibo’s core interests.

sina weibo baidu did not want to become to the instant search content providers (weibo independently, the initiative to master in his own hands, to handle business pricing), more do not want the springboard competition through baidu search results break their inherent advantages. Plus the time and other portal weibo competition in full swing, so, sina adopted a strategy of caution.

a year later, sina’s attitude has changed. Outside marriage have commented that sina weibo and baidu is forced by a competitor’s growth necessity, reason is baidu can bring traffic to other competitors.

baidu makes little sense to guide on sina weibo, so why sina and accepted baidu? There are four reasons.

a, sina weibo market position have been confirmed with competitors.

the first sina weibo is sina blog’s elite strategy, recruit celebrity, government agencies, media organizations, enterprises and become one of the most influential microblogging platform.

second, weibo growth has spent outbreak period, Alexa reference since the second half of each change in the flow weibo, weibo.com traffic than netease and sohu total station. Look from the monthly average access number, sina weibo is a, tencent weibo is 40 million, sohu microblogging and netease weibo combined than tencent.

sina microblogging lead have been confirmed, don’t worry about competitors have explosive growth through traffic guide, it can consolidate their traffic advantage.

2, sina revenue generated from baidu

baidu and sina weibo in order to achieve cooperation willing to pay the cost (how much it can slow down some of sina weibo operating pressure), although both sides have not revealed that such cooperation, but I guess there will be. The late sina will also get into some baidu search ads.

3, search advertising experience, paving the way for weibo ads

this is the most heavily on weibo cooperation, weibo through an open platform and baidu search, although not baidu search technology, but you can search advertising experience. The sina is not good to build their own weibo advertising platform, namely liquidation system, this is twitter search an empty window period, so weibo from baidu’s search advertising experience. For r&d weibo search advertising platform savings of time and strength.

this point I and jinshan network CTO Xu Ming had communication. But he argued that baidu’s advertising system with weibo advertising model in the future, think there will be a bigger difference. So may have first baidu offering microblogging site search technology.

4, one of the best ally

baidu is pulled and prevent to weibo attitude, on the one hand, baidu to instant search had to woo sina weibo, on the other hand, baidu, and afraid of weibo social search to leather for his own life in the future. But compared with other giants, sina and now is the best ally.

as the relationship between Google and twitter, intimacy and intrigue.

this article was written in March this year, the analysis of baidu does need to strengthen the strategic advantage, and many in the industry, such as matrix partners zhang ying has repeatedly expressed very bullish on weibo and baidu cooperation. But surprisingly, baidu’s affair with weibo finally did not have the below, but the recent spread of cooperation between baidu and alibaba. According to industry insiders, both baidu and weibo or because there is no to negotiate the price.

it is important to note that the latest progress on sina weibo, sina weibo search technology is provided by to Google China for cast time net, sina participated in the investment of time, this shows that baidu has technology on sina weibo is no longer attractive. And baidu’s biggest hidden danger 360 investment at such a time, the basic proof, baidu and weibo capital cooperation bankruptcy.

ps: xiao yun editor last December’s analysis is readily available:)