Why did the tao like?

in this paper, the author is taobao wireless division director hsiao

on April 1, the tao in the mobile taobao HTML version first launched, the Android on April 19, online, on April 26, with mobile phone taobao 2013 the release of the iPhone client, micro for all three platforms support function, cell phone taobao deformation unfolds formally opened in 2013.

this year as a wireless taobao “deformation” project is the most important products, the opportunity to gain a lot of exposure. At the same time we also see the outside world that the tao, advice, and even ridicule. Micro tao just a online, is the view that “tao is taobao WeChat”, “tao content WeChat”, “tao=WeChat + weibo” etc…

the three generation product names similar to “micro” word, also have certain social attributes, but it is not the same product. It’s like the same surname li, he can be a Chinese, Korean can also be an American. Similarly, micro mirror, WeChat and weibo the three similar products in addition to the above, it is essentially has the obvious difference.

phone taobao’s change is first and foremost in order to make it easy for users to more and more freedom go up. Used to only see the same content and PC on taobao, after a micro tao is not the same. We no longer do simple content handlers, but under the new form of wireless Internet, rely on the seller or any other account real content that are suitable for mobile phone operators.

you can understand as this is the second startup sellers in wireless, can also be understood as this is a based on radio flux distribution the new opportunity.

it is said that the tao is to make wireless taobao towards socialization electricity, I want to say is not so simple, we hope that the tao can carry far more than that, we would like to change by the tao and even redefine the electronic commerce in the era of mobile Internet game: both buyers, sellers sell way. Through the micro tao platform, we want to give users what brings one thousand thousand the individualized life experience, we also hope to be able to provide business home rich tools, help businesses make the most suitable for mobile phone user experience content, the user’s heart.

so on this new platform, there will be a lot of traditional media, fashion magazines, consumer lifestyle information, there will be growing countless small story and beauty, talent, or unique case. We hope he is a small but beautiful, and fresh life qualities, we would encourage countless “wudaokou’s got talent”, “foxconn goddess” appear, they will split more unlimited life, different interests of users will follow these seeds in a good circle of the happy to share.

some people say that this is equal to “build a taobao,” of course this is our little ambition, we want to borrow this new platform can bring wireless users and businesses more opportunities.

so, I don’t think I need to answer “WeChat have what you have what”, or “what do you do” such a question. The nature of the products difference, is not that float on the surface of the various functions and interface, but in what a product can solve the problem. Micro for what? We see today is just the tip of the iceberg. As for its form and in the future, I hope I can and the vast number of vendors, talent, media, and users to build together.

phone taobao road has just begun, the deformation of the tao is only the first phase of the implementation of the basic function such as the user personalized subscription and comments, then we would have to have custom plug-in based on wireless seller tools, voice communication, community groups, and other functions. Today he is still a baby, but we would like to hurry and grow up. Our team is ready to listen to your advice, ridicule or saliva, eggs, brick, or flowers, please do love over!!!!

finally thanks to our products, testing, research and development that the cow force. Each open beta version, see every bit of change, can make my heart a shock! Pro, you were laborious!

phone taobao, deformation.