Why cannot leave the Internet advertising

Internet advertising as a “snake oil”, never-ending glued to the user, the pop-up window, browse a news page casually, advertising will occur. “Where someone, there is a river’s lake, where users have advertising”, this is the Internet is a widespread phenomenon. For Internet advertising, some people love, some people hate, some pain, some struggle, but whether love or hate, pain, cannot leave the Internet advertising.

advertising is one of the most liquid way Internet product

Internet advertising is an important reason is the immortal, it is one of the most liquid way Internet products, whether it’s search engine or platform level products, some personal website, mobile APP , etc., all want to rely on advertising to “money”.

according to iresearch released “ 2012-2013 years China’s online advertising industry annual monitoring report shows that 2012 in China’s online advertising market as the 753.1 , the 2011 in 46.8% , reached a new level. In recent years the basic maintaining high growth is expected to 2013 years or more than billions of level, online advertising revenue, or more than television advertising revenue. 2015 in the online advertising market, more than two thousand yuan scale or maintain a longer period of time the mature development in the future.


2013 , Q2 quarterly results showed that baidu network marketing in the second quarter revenue reached 75.39 one hundred million yuan (about $ 12.28 $), increased 38.3% , mobile revenues during the quarter mobile business revenue in the company as a proportion of the total revenue for the first time the 10% , baidu itself is not selling products, and advertising is one of the main channel baidu network marketing revenue.

sohu 2013 , Q2 results data showed that its revenue 3.39 $ online advertising revenue is 1.46 $, total revenue 43% , which is equivalent to half of sohu.

360 published 2013 in the first quarter earnings, the company President Mr Qi said: “this quarter, with our ability to strengthen commercial, online advertising revenue rose to 40% .”

advertising is the best way to achieve to liquidate most Internet products, big to BAT as well as the four major portals, small to personal webmaster, taobao passenger flow, all need to rely on advertising revenue, most products of the Internet is not so easy as electricity, games and other products to liquidate, do big easy, difficult to make money, but also there is no direct product, can’t sell encyclopedia articles, to sell on their own weibo.

users for advertisement of love, hate, pain

for advertising, most Internet users are more hate, see pop-up window, or mail, group, is full of all kinds of advertising, you don’t need to see it. But occasionally you will need to buy some things on the Internet, and then fell in love with advertising, points after the AD in to be cheated, and then began to pain, the user is tangled for advertising.

love. Internet for people’s life, work, etc, play an indispensable role, even if the advertising, there are also some useful, even sell contraceptives, most people will feel useless, but still someone will buy, demand for these users, advertising is useful. Just think, you see a very nice cup, want to buy on the net, looking for half a day can not find the feeling, this time if there is a such ads appear before your eyes. Let users slightly regret the advertisement of the product is popular, and refines the advertising, but less poor, often can’t find, advertising is not the vile indeed.

hate. Why will hate? Chat, watching movies, listening to music, read a book, filled with all the behaviors are advertising, Internet users in the “free” when using these Internet products, have been forced to browse ads, even some browser plug-in can block ads, but users will still found that ads are still there. Not a browser, search engines, news, such as print ads, the advertising of which social software are also ubiquitous, suddenly his weibo, , group by advertising to infuse water, prevent the print ads, unable to fill in the “water army” of the Internet, so, the user also hate for advertising, users of the world is not only a video, search, social networking, and advertising.

. Advertising makes people hate also just, the problem is some Internet products for more cash, review the above do not rigorous in advertisements, and even put a leave, so that let a lot of selling fake products, fraud and other information filled in advertising, white is easy to be induced after users click on ads, light injury of money, or hurt. Vertical classifieds site, B2B platform, search engine advertising, these ads vulnerable to bad member of advertisers a happy take money, users have to heartache for years.

Internet advertising exists, the main or the needs of users, even if it is only the 10% requirements, it’s worthwhile for most profits products, loyal users pay, so, don’t think the Internet is a free lunch, you’re just in a disguised form of pay. Someone to pay some profit, then into advertising ecosystem is likely to be extinct.

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