Why 3 m have a version of the four prototypes?

this afternoon, millet in the national convention center, released the much-anticipated m 3 smartphones.

uncharacteristically, however, lei jun announced m 3 there are two versions, CPU are qualcomm Xiao dragon 800 prototypes 4 .

the development and maintenance of CPU version from two vendors, the cost will be high a lot, why millet make such a choice? Hunting cloud network to do a simple analysis.

, alleviate the pressure of the supply

millet marketing is often reviled as “futures” mode, on the one hand, official did not rule out the possibility of hunger marketing, but it is more realistic: m 1 , 2 are selected with the generation of top qualcomm CPU and qualcomm top CPU early shipments limited.

to 2 as an example, it chooses the qualcomm Xiao dragon S4 Pro chip, with the same period of Google Nexus 4 also chose the chip, and the Nexus early also face the shortage problem of serious, have eased until years later.

today m 3 inheritance millet consistent with style, using the latest qualcomm Xiao dragon 800 CPU ( Soc ), but the chip also appears in SONY Xperia Z Ultra and just released Xperia Z1 above, appear even in samsung released last night Galaxy Note 3 . This means Xiao dragon 800 supply shortage worse even than the end of the S4 Pro form is more serious.

at the same time release prototypes 4 version, can alleviate the pressure of the supply. M 3 as one of the world’s first USES the prototypes 4 phone chips, is bound to be supported by nvidia.

2 , the egg is not in a company qualcomm basket

a hardware company logo is one of the components of the maturity of the source of diversification. Apple, for example, the iPhone LCD panel from multiple vendors, apple even also intends to transfer from the hand of the samsung chip foundry business part for TSMC.

CPU as the core components, range is not much to choose from. Global companies can produce top mobile phone chips are numbered: producted &used qualcomm, nvidia, samsung and apple…… Millet mature must seek the diversity of components: red rice teamed up with mediatek, m 3 took qualcomm and nvidia at the same time, in addition to samsung, millet has established close cooperation relations with several major chip manufacturers.

3 , differentiation

this better understanding. 9 month, there will always be more come with qualcomm Xiao dragon 800 GeChang flagship of the chip, and prototypes 4 version of the m 3 will naturally attract a lot of attention. A prototypes 4 version, a qualcomm Xiao dragon 800 m 3 and also provide more choice to millet users.

millet choose prototypes 4 , is intelligent, and a business to choose. However, prototypes 4 version of millet after all how experience, will appear calorific value bigger problems, needs to wait for the real machine test. We can carefully reasoned that as already 5 successful models (m 1 , 2/2 a/2 s , red rice), the country’s most high-profile emerging mobile manufacturers, have no certainty of victory, millet is not choose prototypes 4 .