Who is the most against yahoo acquisitions bursts? Bursts of users!

buy bursts of may bring yahoo young, fashionable new user groups. But premise condition is: yahoo can keep this group of people. Because now a lot of bursts of user is very uncomfortable to the takeover.

“yahoo acquisition bursts of ! I wipe! They will destroy our home!” A user in the bursts of . The message tag after it is # yahoo , # bursts of and # yumblr . This information in the bursts of on a large share.

bursts of users the most afraid of? Yahoo! ‘s change the product! Any kind of change! Before the acquisition of yahoo bursts of after rumours of outflow, there will be many users vowed to move. A bursts of user created such a picture, “imagination” by yahoo acquisition bursts of will be doing to:

the forehead… It was very “yahoo” product style.

this concern is not without a cause. Yahoo in the aspect of “spoil” its acquisition of product rap sheet. This time, even his yahoo in the acquisition of conference swear “can’t frivol bursts of “. (that is you read that right, yahoo said)

bursts of CEO David Karp to the user wrote: “we will not change the purple” (yahoo’s main colour). Er…… In fact, bursts of the page once the purple, 2010 home page has turned purple in a show of solidarity. Blue also got recovered from some users of protest.

in addition, there are some really could not hide the conflict. Yahoo is a popular brand, and bursts of in the community has a lot of adult content. Many users concerns the acquisition will trigger a series of cultural conflict. Someone made a very image of the parable: yahoo acquisition bursts of like organized by an old woman to a hi lay ( high party XD) .

yahoo is trying to reassure users of these. In addition to the promise “can’t frivol bursts of “, after the conference mui and analysts and the media by telephone communication: “ bursts of or bursts of , yahoo or yahoo. Two irrelevant.”

some competitors like sharks smell the scent and started trying to attract the Tumlbr users move to them. WordPress CEO Matt Mullenweg update his personal blog on Sunday: “at ordinary Times per hour have 400 to 600 blog from bursts of to WordPress , but the latest one hour number of relocation was as high as 72000 .”

of course, social media on a lot of anger is the storm in the teacup. 2010 have had “exit Facebook day “, the organizers hope that through a large number of users to log off to protest the FB the privacy policy. As a result, only less than 2% the user left the Facebook .

Mayer (Mayer) is trying to heal and bursts of cultural conflict. She opened her bursts of user name, according to the bursts of strange spelling as “ Mayr “to the user. She also posted a fun bursts of style Gif :

Simulation mui

and Karp . Ask her: Karp , what are you going to work from home? ( WFH, Karp ‘s?