White version of the Nexus of November 1, 5 exposure or release

it is well known that the Nexus listing of 5.

before have on the network, Google also briefly appeared in the Play. And is famous for its Revelations @ evleaks Nexus 5 photos today announced the white version, and suggested the Nexus 5 will be released on November 1.

seen in figure, white version Nexus just like the Nexus of 4, 5 is also a “panda”, only the back is white, the front panel is still black. Nexus only black version released at the end of October last year, until after the seven months delayed release white version.

and the Nexus 5 May be black and white version at the same time.

Publication date

the media had expected Google released on October 24, 28 new message has also been released. However evleaks latest Revelations suggest that should be released on November 1.

is the Nexus of 4 October 30 anniversary. Last year, Google had the official invitation letter for the conference, but bad weather, conference because of hurricane sandy was forced to cancel. Google with a simple press release the Nexus 4 and 10 released the Nexus. From the point of time node, Google released within a week the possibility of new Nexus 5 is extremely high.

still produced by LG contract Nexus 5, qualcomm Xiao dragon carrying 800 chip, a 1080 p 5 inch screen, more powerful cameras have the latest version of the Android 4.4 system. Leaked currently sells for $349 (2127 yuan).