White version Nexus 4 tomorrow Hong Kong still to sell for about $299


official confirmation, white version Nexus 4 upcoming. White version Nexus 4 1 month, then there have been media reports. Until yesterday, the official didn’t officially to confirm. The same as the black version configuration, white version Nexus 4 will launch a 4.7 1280 x 768 pixels IPS screen, processor is still a qualcomm S4 Pro quad-core processors, 2 g RAM . May be carrying Android 4.2.2 system.


official said the white version Nexus 4 tomorrow (May 29) will be listed in Hong Kong first, then to Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East and other markets. However, did not mention the white version Nexus 4 when to appear in the Google Play online store. And it is also not mentioned: white version Nexus 4 how much is the price. But there is news that the price and the black version of the agreement.

the Nexus 4 the Nexus phone, often by netizens was nicknamed the “four prince” or “Google four son”. Last year, 10 on and day public release, at the time Nexus4 , price 299 $ ( or 1834 RMB , price 349 $( 2141 RMB ).

good cost performance, coupled with the native Google experience, this kind of mobile phone. 11 on 13 date listed on the same day, because of a shortage of stock, the aircraft in the world in all public plunder to out of stock. The 2013 spring, Nexus 4 has regained balance of supply and demand.

the white version, if the rumors didn’t rise in price, very likely to encounter “plunder” again. After all the same with Google native experience the special version of the samsung the Galaxy S4 (nicknamed “godson”) that cost up to 649 $oh.