Whisper why accepts the vc favour? Let’s listen to the interview with the Whisper CEO sequoia capital and investors

Whisper. Is a “tree” colour privacy sharing application. In Whisper platform, users can anonymously posted information. And released by the user information in the form of very chic, with pictures as the background, the user would like to say, want to share the content will be embedded in the picture in written form. (Whisper support simple filter, text editing function.) At the same time, the user can also to the other “secret” images of Whisper platform to respond, Whisper support free public response and pay direct messages. Exactly speaking, Whisper and cannot be regarded as a social networking application, after all, Whisper and no user archives, users could better Show the most authentic self.

at first glance, this seems to be little rookie will want to come out of mobile business plan. Whisper application scenario looks quite interesting, but in today’s application of era, someone will really keen on this software?

however, Whisper it is the upward, not only ushered in the rapid development and significant day activity, has also received $21 million in series B financing. Investors including Sequoia Capital (Sequoia Capital), the speed of light, vc (Lightspeed Ventures) and ding investment (at Trinity Ventures), etc. At present the industry to Whisper valued at $76 million.

this week, AllthingsD reporters dialogue Whisper CEO and investors, “special” Whisper, “investment obtained whether content is worth somewhat,” “Whisper” why insist on development topics discussed in this paper.

how special Whisper? AllthingsD have not been fully convinced that no matter how you look at it, Whisper is slightly “simple” an application, which share most of the “secret” is daily chores. But it also subscribe to Whisper excessive share behaviour on the part of, the Internet has entered the tired period, now need some “real voice”. At present, Whisper has also set up related non-profit organization, in order to really focus on the people who really need help.

before into Whisper related topics, in a set of data: first, according to Whisper users each month total cost on the application of up to 500 million hours. But Whisper of PV visits, also when get funding from 3 month rose to 2.5 billion in June 500 million. Whisper of the number of active users open the application every day about eight? 10 times, and spend half an hour browsing or release information.

Interview Wisper CEO

then the data behind what kind of information? Whisper co-founder and CEO Michael Heyward said:

this is the future trend of the development of social network. In the Whisper to build the social network, people can no longer get busy Yu Guangxian image management, but really to understand others. has a beautiful face with people, is really tiring.

social platform based on network account with Whisper than difference lies in the : “traditional” social networking platform, under the limit of image of the user’s display will be a single. “Star” like football captain cannot at the same time as the Glee the choir in the small part of the joy. A kind of good father carefully it is difficult to make people believe that he is also an avid tattoo enthusiasts. Too often, people according to what information to understand others, forget the data on the network interactive so not true after all.

Whisper seems to be young people of the world, pile are teenagers romantic sentimental feelings. This is really the case?

Heyward: if you are not a deep sense of the uncertain future of 19 year old college student, when you use the Whisper, you will not find it with piles and piles of sentimentality and confusion. In fact, this view is not correct, Whisper is displayed on the content that is associated with the user’s participation.

Whisper of business planning is how?

Heyward: we will launch the advertising business? This is necessary, the time will naturally. We intend to immediately launched advertising business right away? Of course not. Whisper of the advertising business is innovation handsome? Well, I think so. Whisper of resources is very special, and that is very worthy.

interview Whisper light vc investment

Jeremy Liew, the venture capital of the issuer, from the speed of light in a Whisper that become investors in the initial period of development. This series B financing, Liew increased the investment quota. Liew’s eye is extremely unique. As its investment Snapchat is recent, the observation is analyzed after the rise of these applications in the App list, Liew for the new tendency of social media to share his views.

Liew: now people to keep their glamorous image on social network already tired, it can be said that the “traditional” social networking platform is the development of the bottleneck and Whisper will lead the new culture. On Facebook or Twitter, you have to show mostly cool dazzle quite side in life; And in a Whisper, anonymous mechanism will enable you to share their true feelings freely.

on the Whisper, only need to upload the simple text and Mosaic images. Usually in social media, 1% of the users is original, less than 10% of the users of information processing, and is just as much as 99% of the users information consumption. But Whisper Whisper is a special case – 45% of the users will make your own Whisper “secret” to share. Whisper of user groups, 70% are women users under the age of 25. Have a saying is very interesting, “young women will guide the trend of the whole society”. Facebook, Snapchat and bursts of development process are verified. (and Whisper to want to see a bright future.

interview Wisper investors sequoia

Roelof Botha is sequoia capital partners, has just joined the board of directors of the Whisper through financing.

as Botha facilitate the financing of Liew, its both for business school classmates, Liew and Botha groomsman at the wedding. The financing is Botha for more than a year of investment for the first time for Instragram Botha on an investment project.

Botha: suppose I’m a drunk, a 22-year-old young man, I don’t like someone holding a camera all stay beside me. Whisper give people a chance to do their own. This anonymous way to meet people’s demand, Whisper as role is acted as a virtual network.

how do you think the “virtual social network will make people willing to share more secret” one statement?

Botha: I think this is inappropriate. I will also have private secret didn’t want others to know. In the face of different groups, we display are different side isn’t it.

this is like early Youtube (Botha has also invested in Youtube). Then I will open a page to watch the video. This kind of experience is very attractive, because all of the content is so interesting and unique. 100 video collection in my cell phone can always managed to attract people’s eyeballs.

this year, one of my children physical condition is not good, I spent a lot of time in the pediatric ICU care of my children. I don’t want to talk about it on Facebook, but I’m willing to put up a drawing of the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), in a Whisper to share every step of children back to health.

existing related psychology research shows that when people try to hide secrets, will face more psychological pressure. Thus, like Whisper “tree” is extremely significant.