Where to successful listing, who and who care

11 on 1 , , where in the United States listed on nasdaq, opening, high gain 89% , it was the day more than 130% . Where is one of the top online travel Internet companies, it listed, for Chinese Internet companies listed on nasdaq had a shot of performance-enhancing drugs.

nasdaq> OMX group subordinate enterprise customer group, senior vice President of Nelson grieg’s ( Nelson Griggs ) said: “where to search platform through its tourism changed the way Chinese consumers make travel choice. Nasdaq OMX group welcome where to log in our exchanges, and proud. We are looking forward to go to success as a public company.”

listed companies is not the end of it, nor its mission, listing is one kind of affirmation of the company, where the success of the listed to prove the existence of its value. What Chinese Internet companies will keep up with the wave of going public, and whether the nasdaq market will continue to open the Chinese Internet stocks, it remains to be seen.

TechWeb the curtain to go behind the successful listing: baidu backing is the key, the article mentioned: where to go behind the successful listing, also for the Chinese Internet companies going public has opened up a new “where model”, that is the most beneficial to its own business platform for the future development of big shareholders, high-speed development with his back leaning against a big tree, with the fastest speed success IPO . Choose baidu as big shareholders gain development fully, is clearly where the key to a successful listing. Its analysis think where to rely on baidu’s platform advantage, brand advantage, cultural advantage is where the key to the successful listing.

where to successful listing who is fond of?

by the pre-ipo, baidu is where the largest controlling shareholder, hold 1.85 ordinary shares, the total equity of 61.05% ; Founder and CEO ZhuangChen super is the second largest shareholder, holding 2193.65 than ordinary shares, the total equity of 7.23% . Baidu owns 54.82% in value 17.48 $, and 2011 in 6 month where baidu investment cost is 3.06 $paper gains as high as 471% . In various ways, baidu is the biggest winner, where to launch the most joyful is baidu.

back 2011 , 7 on two , , baidu announced strategic investment where network, the official said the investment 3.06 $, where became the first large institutional shareholders, shareholding ratio of 62.01% . The actual cost for investment cash 3.0028 $. Where to get investment, where net will remain independent operation, and maintain the original strategic direction, baidu is not only on where to make strategic investments in money, but also of its independent operation, and it is also very rare, close coupled with baidu search support for where to flow but also promote the most effective tools for where to go forward, where these are promoting the listed important factors (so, want the horse run fast, have to try my best to let the horse eat, eat well).

where listed geometry effect on baidu?

( 1 ) baidu bosom search successful validation. In the 2011 in 4 month baidu union summit, li has publicly put forward the strategic thought of the middle pages, “in the search engine and the traditional industry in the middle of the state to provide services to others”, where the successful listing, verify the li put forward the guiding ideology in the middle of the page.

baidu to go in the PC end to baidu search “bosom” tourism products and tourism class page exclusive rights among them, the exclusive rights of the right content involves air, hotel and commercial holiday products; Baidu’s commitment to “close search for where to bring the lowest views on 2014 and 2015 years respectively 21.9 $, in 2016 years for 21.96 .

reference where this pattern, if baidu and other traditional industries to form strategic cooperation, again the next go is entirely possible. Any to explore a new model, products and markets to verify whether it would have to be successful, where the public is not only a kind of model of domestic scientific and technological enterprise, for baidu, is also a “anchor”, so now a lot of people are asking, where, where to go next baidu which industry will continue to work with?

search engine from 1.0 to 2.0 , stay on the 2.0 age is already very long, the explosion of the Internet information, make search engine difficulties on technology processing, at the same time, the information of users for the flooding is not “cold”, baidu bosom search successful validation, baidu is the best litmus test for the new generation of search engine technology. Realized the new model at the same time, also is a kind of innovation and breakthrough in the field of search engine, if the bosom let baidu search continues to run, the next generation of search engine, will be baidu.

( 2 ), baidu will be more and more powerful. Where successful listing, reflect not only is the correct strategy of capital market, where it is system of powerful assistant, baidu baidu system will also be domestic Internet enterprises only have two listed companies. Including where to go, glutinous rice ball and other relevant industries, baidu investment are baidu’s right-hand man, their powerful, baidu system could also benefit.

there are no eternal friends on the Internet, a lot of seemingly unrelated products completely, is likely to have sparks, Google and apple, facebook with twitter, these little impact on product directly, but indirectly, more or less have some conflict. Domestic BAT infighting between never stopped, there are some false giant also eyeing up on the side.

where to successful ipo, is the largest value to it. Baidu occupy the domestic Internet market, one of the largest traffic entrance if these flow completely digest, baidu baidu system will appear in more fields where to go next.

where to successful listing who care?

where to go after the net on the nasdaq, opening at 28.35 $value 31.9 $, the price 15 $up 89% , a nasdaq listed Chinese companies this year IPO on their best record. But relative to the baidu merrily merrily, many companies “he lives unsafely that looks too near on things” in the mood also is more tangled, it is not part of their busy.