Where the net update $9.50 to $11.50 a share IPO prospectus

the author: crown

on October 19th, where net today again updated the IPO (initial public offering) prospectus, the update the display, where net IPO price range for $9.50 – $11.50 per ADS shares, the largest IPO financing of up to 147 million dollars.

baidu’s travel booking service where “net” in May 2005, the company headquarters is located in Beijing. Where network will sell 11111000 shares in ADS in the IPO, per ADS on behalf of the 3 shares of class B common stock shares. In case of over-allotment cases, where to network and its selling shareholders also authorized to underwriters of IPO price extra shares subscribed 1666650 adss.

in the morning, on October 1, where the net with the securities and exchange commission (SEC) filed the IPO prospectus. Where, according to the prospectus program listed on the nyse, the lead underwriters for deutsche bank and Goldman sachs, quasi finance up to $125 million, trading code for QUNR.

then on October 4, where network update the nyse listing prospectus, disclosure and baidu on October 1, “understanding search” cooperation agreement.

after a period of time the U.S. government, the securities and exchange commission (SEC), although its reserves can last statement “in the next few weeks”, but still to go net listed Chinese companies, such as add a twist. As the U.S. government lockout ended, go online, this heavy worry will disappear.

source: tencent technology