Where the net by the supplier to resist: hotel products

yesterday, the reporter learned that, several OTA ( ) supplier suspended with vertical search engine where hotel network products. Analysts say suspend cooperation related to go pay-per-click advertising prices.

big supplier products hotel

where reporters in vertical search web address random search the several hotels in Beijing. In channel bar, where much less choice hotel suppliers, mango net, with cheng network, elong travel network, such as large domestic OTA figure is hard to find, hotel supplies mainly “hotel marketing” and some little-known small OTA , larger suppliers only AGODA , E line, etc. Where the net suddenly lost the comparison function.

last night, where the net has also admitted to the reporter “is part of the hotel OTA suspended and where network of cooperation “. With cheng said, not termination of cooperation, “a new phase of cooperation is still in negotiations, about the details at present has not yet been set”.

pay-per-click advertising prices as ammunition

More than

OTA have told reporters that the hotel product on where to go from the shelves and its recent pay-per-click advertising (CPC) price increases.


CPC the price style from its online trading platform (TTS) . 2010 in, where to go in order to ensure the security of transactions, for ticket online trading launched the TTS system, similar to taobao background trading system, consumers to buy the ticket of any business, deals are on where to site, and don’t have to like the original agent need to link to the website. Most of the consumers and booking hotel suppliers also in the TTS completed in the system.

after where to executive vice President peng laugh mei said, as the flow of explosive growth, where has a strong voice to the agent, through the the TTS , where can accurately measure the agent through where to deal cost, then give the agent price every year.

main the TTS , connecting to all not accept supplier put forward the requirement of the price of the system, increase high 80% , which leads to the supplier can’t accept it.” According to people familiar with the matter. Rival consultancy, managing Wei Changren tells a reporter, the TTS online trading system will leave the customer information completely in where to network system. the TTS for the small and medium-sized booking, ticketing website and offline agent is feasible, but for the mature technology of OTA website, is another matter. “It involves their core customer resources.”

price increases or as IPO

“where will the TTS to large OTA popularization, it will get more and more like OTA .” A senior online travel the personage inside course of study tells a reporter, a year ago “where if the TTS after the comprehensive promotion, said that he is a price comparison platform, is a bit like athletes’ + the referees’ double identity, it is likely to be after ctrip, elong’s third-largest OTA .”

according to rival network monitoring, where net revenues last year about 4.5 one hundred million yuan, and ctrip is and one hundred million yuan, the profit is more not to compare with an order of magnitude. “If you go to as soon as possible IPO , profit is an important condition.” Wei Changren said.

however, where to have denied the speculation. For OTA hotel product shelves, where to give the reporter’s official reply is: “where network has recently received a consumer to hotel OTA the complaint, the hotel OTA although cashback provides consumers with price is favorable, but there are still many problems, such as the consumers into the store room, the room does not accord with booking, invoices and other after-sales service dispute, serious damage to the interests of consumers.” And for the the TTS system, it is said to encourage hotel OTA add the TTS system, is in order to OTA the whole reservation and service for unified management, to strengthen the protection of consumers.