Where inventory listed: five major reasons behind

the editors of the cloud network hunting last year forecast six big domestic listed companies in the next year, will have to go. Where it was going to market. About where to go, we need to know what?




in 2012 years, where Internet users has increased from 2010 in 71.7 million to 187.3 million. As of June 30, 2013 in 12 months, where the number of mobile users was 39.6 million.


total revenue in 2012, where to go from the service performance of paid (Pay – for – performance) service revenue of 422 million yuan, from display advertising revenue of 47 million yuan, from other services revenue of RMB 32.8 million.


the prospectus also showed that 2011 of 262 million yuan, 123 million yuan in 2010. Where to RMB $91.1 million net loss for 2012, a net loss of $46 million in 2011, a net loss of $4.4 million in 2010.

Ownership structure:

where founder and CEO ZhuangChen super hold about 21.94 million shares, the company stake is 7.23%; Director Richard lim hold about 19.03 million shares, stake is 6.27%; Director of operator performance schoenberg hold about 13.76 million shares, holdings ratio is 4.54%; Lei Zhang hold about 14.06 million shares, the stake of 4.64%. Executives and directors of the total holding about 71.46 million shares, the total stake of about 23.37%. Institutional investors, baidu is where the largest shareholders, shareholding is 61.05%; Has 7.17% Forlongwiz Holdings, GSR fund stake of 6.27%.

why go public?

the first: where to different patterns and ctrip, where the innovation mode is bound to bring ctrip big business impact! From both sides friction constant can be seen in the past two years. The concept of Wall Street’s most like is fresh, where new story should get good valuation. Look from where revenue structure, where the biggest revenue from paid according to the service performance, it shows where to locate and ctrip, where to go is a tourism marketing platform.

The second:

baidu maximal profit. In June 2011, and where to sign the deal, baidu baidu subscribe go net new cost $300 million to $181 million of common stock, for a 62.01% stake in the latter as its largest shareholder. Where to go this time if listed first baidu success from the perspective of investors will be able to get huge returns. On the other hand, it proved that after the unification of the universal search in baidu, there is still a big market in the field of vertical search operational space. Under the big tree, baidu is not nothing grows. Vertical search baidu grafting, hatching and a small company in the field of tourism, the added confidence in baidu resources, industry began in the replicating the model.

the third: the other shareholders. In July 2006, silicon valley venture capitalists Mayfield and GSR ventures with investment in the “where”; Announced in November 2007, where to finish the second round of around $10 million in financing, this round of financing dominated by lehman brothers. On November 12, 2009, where network completes the third round of $15 million in venture capital financing. The round by the GGV Capital (GGV Capital) led, before all the investors including Mayfield risk investment company (Mayfield Fund), GSR Ventures (GSR Ventures) and Turner (Tenaya Capital) in the Capital. After many years, the risk the investor to need the harvest season.

4: where are the listed will strongly. Listed and 300 war has little to do, go where officials made it clear to independent public many times. Where network CEO ZhuangChen was declared over 2011, the company went public in 2012. “We itself is not eager to financing, brand platform and m&a of listed is more available stock to mergers and acquisitions in the future.”

the fifth: since this year, is strong in the us market, and in some listed companies rose several times proved that investor confidence in the Chinese Internet. Companies going public financing window has been opened again, except where 58 city also filed plans.

mobile Internet profit into concern

cloud network hunting recently scoop ctrip layoffs, the layoffs is ctrip end of last year to make the strategic adjustment of the follow-up action. As stipulated in the plan, ctrip will gradually turned its focus to online, so you must to cut the original offline sales channels. Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and shenzhen are retained seven big airport, and through the other two or three line city airport, high-speed rail, the railway station, bus station on the ground all sales staff will be revoked, CaiYuanLiang about is expected to more than 500 people.

ctrip’s center of gravity to the mobile Internet. After the ctrip earnings in the first quarter this year, ctrip executives said the ctrip mobile end of ctrip booking volume of 10% to 15%, compared to other business, ctrip mobile business will grow rapidly.

again, where the prospectus of the emphasis on the mobile user. Where to submit a prospectus shows, in July 2010, after where to launch mobile application platform, as of June 30, 2013 mobile users has reached 39.6 million, “go traveling” mobile client downloaded more than 100 million. In addition, in the first half of 2013, about 23% of search queries from the mobile platform, in the field of hotel business, 47% of search queries from mobile platforms.

but go on the mobile end needs to establish a new business model, mobile Internet revenue is concern. Tencent technology journalist fan pointed out that in the mobile terminal, due to limited by APP independence, jump between APP is limited, difficult to achieve. User on the go APP search query to the appropriate hotel, but can’t jump like a PC suppliers to hotel booking platform. Where this leads to the CPC model could not be copied to the mobile terminal, mobile terminal can not profitable. Where it is worth noting that the revenue of 176 million yuan in the second quarter of this year, fell 4%, on the premise of users and traffic growth, which may be commercial mobile end.

it is worth mentioning that hunting cloud network readers wrote after submission, the earlier the industry out of tencent to stock the ctrip rumours before, where is probably pre-ipo hype, confidence in the online travel market is magnified the outside world.