Where did the iPhone 5 c copies of the most miserable? China!

the consultancy Localytics statistics said yesterday the United States market the iPhone 5 s and the iPhone 5 c the activation volume ratio is about 3.4 : 1 . That is to say selling 3.4 5 s to sell 1 .

today, however, further data show that us consumers for the iPhone 5 c to be polite, the iPhone 5 c in China is really sad.

the picture above is the Localytics , iPhone after launch 72 hours, the iPhone 5 s/c the amount of activation. Which is the best in Britain, 5 s and proportion respectively 69% and 31% .

, which is the worst China: 5 s and is 91% and 9% , that is to say: apple each sold in China 10 the iPhone 5 s , also not necessarily can sell a the iPhone 5 c .

the New iPhone the main market for the United States and Japan, compared to the United States and Japan, the Chinese market sales volume is much smaller. Have to activate the New iPhone ( ), 68% from the United States market, 13% from Japan. The Chinese market is lower than 5% .

if apple official said the weekend sales 900 ten thousand iPhone so, the New apple iPhone in the Chinese market sales may be less than 50 ten thousand units, of which the the iPhone 5 c sales even less than 5 ten thousand…

but we want to consider: China may have many users to buy back the iPhone is not the first time to activate, but scalpers hoarding (local tyrants gold) or as a gift given and merchants to buy some to use as a lottery. Maybe activation volume can reflect foreign market sales, but the Chinese market has some special cases.

however, regardless of how the data is still shows a possibility: apple market in China, this time, met a big problem.

so, why do you hate Chinese the iPhone 5 c ?