When the iPhone 5 but still: touch screen response speed still seconds kill Android flagship

the iPhone 5 s listed, worry about their own hands iPhone already can’t keep up with rhythm the kiss can ease off smartphone development: the latest tests have shown that iPhone is not the latest version, but its reaction rate in smartphones such as the sea can still calculate going up is the best.

streaming media application platform game Agawi recently tested the reaction speed of touch screen and the . the iphone 5 touch screen response rate is almost Android twice as many smartphones.

the measurement result is based on the Agawi indoor test. Agawi use the frame rate for the camera, as well as the application is designed for measuring response speed and customized hardware Touchscope .

to participate in the test of Android smartphones including samsung the Galaxy S4 , nokia the company 928 , HTC One , and MOTOROLA’s Moto X . Agawi at least 50 test results show that, the Galaxy S4 Android best smartphones, and Moto X unfortunately in the touchscreen reaction performance.

according to the test raw data, the iphone 5 the shortest response time for 55 milliseconds, 4 85 milliseconds, while the Galaxy S4 is a bit slow for 114 milliseconds. But Agawi in the test report was not in-depth analysis the reason of the difference of different equipment touch screen response speed.

Agawi information published on the official website said, Agawi in speculation, the causes of such differences may be because iPhone touch screen hardware optimization degree is higher, the touch screen motion capture and more sensitive response.

this test yet including Google home Nexus 4 , Agawi is still made a comment on: the same high quality written application, in iPhone response effect than on the current Android good equipment.

temporarily won’t consider such evaluation results will be in the Android how to jangle, single assessment results, even 4 can easily is better than the present Android the mainstream models, also can to see iPhone in the field of smartphone will likely continue to keep the lead.