When Google Glass meets the tickets: driving can’t take the “glasses”

a few days ago, a California called Cecilia Abadie female developers with Google Glass driving for the bill by the police. Cecilia Abadie via Google + issued the ticket at the San Diego received photos, ticket reasons for “driving process using the display device (Google Glass)”.

police said, open the ticket is under California law. Related law shows “should no longer be in the driving process related to the use of display devices, such as television, video/display, or similar can play TV radio and video display devices.”

in the ticket also pointed out that Abadie overspeed driving. So probably cop is in auditing, speeding, incidentally, will wear the Google Glass “driving” into fine reasons.

however, for tickets for this quote, Abadie there is good reason to refute. Shown in California law, if video display device is provided by the “global positioning shows”, or show the maps are exceptions. California in the driver’s manual so concluded: “shouldn’t be driving again used in related external media player (MP3), satellite broadcast information, and video playback devices, unless the video display information of map location information.” While Google Glass can be used as a GPS obviously.

Abadie on Google + state drew more than 200 comments, some of them said that the law is ambiguous. “” shocking. “Please trial under protest!!!! We need to clear legal provisions for that!” The critics said.

Abadie also seem to be intentionally trial on this ticket. She wrote, “the trial result depends on the judge’s perception of this situation. The judge personal likes and dislikes and understanding of science and technology will affect the trial results.”