What’s the difference between the tickets of zhou and ma

a detours first!

when the National People’s Congress on behalf of ma ing excited, tencent’s business to the outside world upside down. According to past experience, this person to speak, always don’t have much water.

micro letter is ma first when it comes to business, even though he has repeatedly said low-key micro letter just half a foot into the mobile Internet, but didn’t touch the body, the heart has far, micro letter has become the hottest tickets in the industry.

how about WeChat is ma?

“overseas than other similar products WeChat rectified time early, in terms of social, value-added services, especially mobile games, is a clear business model. Tencent is now racing to research and development, be sure to experience is better than to be officially released. In addition, tencent hopes to build an open platform, able to work with other developers, provide users with more content. Like the O2O, micro group purchase attempt.”

“on the whole, tencent hopes to be a platform, and don’t say oneself to a certain industry to go too deep. Recently there are many good mobile applications, like mobile phone take a taxi, WeChat selling books, and based on WeChat electricity or literature net station, the author does not necessarily depend on other network literature website now, the author through WeChat directly to the user and subscriber, users want to see the next paragraph, as long as willing to pay, the author can be addressed to the user and direct service to the users. So, micro letter is a bridge to content producers and end users.”

show what information? Micro letter is how to make money. There are two things: one is that some value-added services, tencent is good at tencent will do myself. Second, some tencent do not or not willing to do to a third party.

this line of thinking right? Tencent has proved the feasibility on the PC platform.

tencent President liu chiping said in a conference in April last year, 2011, tencent open platform for partners with revenues of about 600 million yuan, 2012, the figure will exceed 1 billion yuan.

tencent to make money, and went with Mr Ma mix of money, have to eat and to drink, no one will come out to the horse brother crying, although tencent earned 30 billion, envy, and no one is not bashful righteousness is words said again.

pocket came back, I’m trying to say, tencent is a large B2C company, customer oriented, tencent’s most profitable business always services provided by tencent directly to the user. The tencent open platform in essence is B2B2C games to play. Tencent in 30 billion, the vast majority of income comes from B2C.

tencent is done on a PC, WeChat on tencent is also in this direction. Historical experience tells us that tencent must take the most fat, but as for the open platform can brothers points? Bad to say!

all in all, predictably, tencent in micro letter make a lot of money or want to rely on B2C. Although the mobile Internet still has a lot of new business models have no validation, but equally predictably, major after validation will be tencent away! In the business world, there is no living lei feng.

well, it’s about Zhou Hongyi. Envy, or saying ma would have left him.

360 on the PC and the path of the tencent is different! Despite the weeks just to get a security software, but as a basic software, 360 as cheap.

360 mainly do B2B business, weeks than mascherano around a circle. Mr Ma a stall sold directly to open, direct users earn money. Lao zhou is to sell to open a clinic medicine, trapping the massive small white users, confirmed these users, let these users in 360 after the “grateful”, can put the things to sell to the user. 360 itself does not make money directly from the user, but do sell users and flow of the business, from the enterprise to make money.

360 don’t want to make money directly from users? Don’t around so wide! Weeks of course want to, but the business logic is completely to the survival of 360 empire collapsed: 360 follow is free.

360 in the mobile Internet will face as the business environment in the PC on the Internet, also do B2B business.

360 mobile products including 360 mobile guards, 360 mobile phone assistant doesn’t directly from the user’s pocket money, weeks only pocket money from the enterprise.

but the mobile Internet and PC Internet there is a big difference, PC value is generated by click on the Internet, with web link
The world, but in the mobile Internet application became dominant.

that is the original 360 security guards. 360 navigation “360 browser built 360 search is no longer a product matrix in the advantages of the mobile Internet.

but product structures, logic is the same, the first location, spread again. And then we saw Zhou Hongyi desperately through various means to loading 360 mobile phone users guard and 360 mobile phone assistant, it’s 360 in the root of the mobile Internet.

so Zhou Hongyi how to make money in the mobile Internet?

is the $360 in mobile Internet B2B business application market, take the 91 business directly. Zhou Hongyi don’t mince matters, he says 360 will be China’s largest application market!

there should always be exceptions to the rule, there are 360 of B2C business, that is the game, you can directly make money out of the user. In the PC on the Internet, 360 are flawed, the B2C business Zhou Hongyi on the mobile game market again now.

if you don’t know 360 mobile market “bad”, you can ask the game makers to know.

in a nutshell, both tencent and 360, both B2B and B2C business business also, in the final analysis is a channel. Who is more popular in mobile phone users, who will make more money. Know why flash so expensive.

and, I’ve always thought, micro letter success out of the threat to QQ in the PC on the Internet in 360, the next time again say.

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