What Chinese Internet media mogul rupert murdoch investment company?

news corp has confirmed that the group’s chairman and chief executive rupert murdoch wendi divorced with his wife to court. On June 13 local time, two people in the United States to the New York state Supreme Court filed for divorce. The 82 – year – old Mr Murdoch and deng, 44, married in 1999 and have two daughters.

reported that wendi and rupert murdoch, two people have a marriage agreement, for their children to leave the company shares in the fund property. And divorce does not seem to affect the murdoch news corporation’s control.

it is alleged that Mr Murdoch and the previous wife divorce, signed the divorce agreement to pay $1.7 billion. Refer to this number, wendi and rupert murdoch, divorce more than $1 billion in compensation.

media tycoon of divorce has attracted world attention. Small make up is summarized, the legend and the China Internet story happened a few times investment (according to incomplete statistics).

2000 murdoch spent $35 million buying netease company’s equity

murdoch’s news corp in March 2000 have bought netease company 2.56 million shares of preferred stock, 8.5% of the total equity of netease company.

July 2009 investment easy media

by Richmond Management lead, Mr Murdoch’s news corp and GSR Ventures (GSR Ventures) easy media investment of $30 million. Easy 闫方军 founder media said, “murdoch sees the market opportunity of China’s new media integration, are interested in our business model is, Mr Murdoch had to alter the media become a part of the news corporation, but we did not agree, easy media or a career, we separate our value is a powerful global advertisers resources news group.”.

in April 2011, murdoch and deng personal investment thunderbolt

in April 2011, Mr Murdoch through RW Investments in thunder when the third round of funding to the injection of $29.4 million. Even when the related documents by news corp senior finance vice President and news group, the company’s financial director Paula verdin signed, but the money does not belong to news corporation’s investment.

he said, I and di recently passed RW Investments to the Chinese online video and music, made a personal investment services company. Of thunderbolt company founders we can believe in, we believe, will become a successful entertainment company, respect the content of copyright owners and the artist. Thunderbolt is promised to us.