What are the new Twitter client optimization? Graphic,


android Twitter official client users know, original official client is outdated app , do not conform to the android high version of the Holo aesthetic style, detail burnish is insufficient, and lack of some basic functions.

then the big version after the update, the New version of android the client look brand-new. Open the new version of the client, users will feel shine at the moment. What has the optimized? Look at the together.

the first feeling is faster. Obviously the Twitter do to the New client speed optimization, and allows the user to by sliding gesture in different columns ( Tabs ). When you search, finally able to automatically fill out @ ID and # hastags and offer advice !

at the same time, in addition to the new version of the client column on the label. That’s great! The label for a long time! Necessary in icon below plus “ Home/Connect “tag? ! You are Twitter Sheldon! (refer to the latest episode of the TBBT) twitter people understand what is the meaning of the icon!

in addition, the New Android in the lower right corner of Settings button. Want to do any Settings, can be in personal Profil page changes. Very clever improvement! It is not necessary to button, of course, the less the better!

have to say that Twitter finally got Android when people looked at the user. Android official client beautiful degree is very easy to catch up with the other version… The tears.