What about nokia, we remember the most?

, just like a bomb, in the tech world blew up countless people stop and sovereignty. I don’t want to talk about the purchase of meaning and purpose, since there will be various experts and analysts to tip for people. Today, I just want to talk about nokia.


young friends may not understand the nokia. As a 150 – year – old old, nokia, once the “apple” before the age of the mobile phone industry. We are not in the 90 s, the iPhone and Android, now the world’s leading oems of samsung. Nokia defeated the analog signal monarch of MOTOROLA’s mobile phone era, has become the digital signal is a leader in mobile phone industry. Then nokia, not only is the world’s largest mobile phone production, the seller, is the trendsetter in the field of mobile phones.

this is nokia has contributing to six modern phones. Perhaps, nokia will no longer have the glorious past, but it to the mobile phone industry, and even the entire communications, still worth remember each one of us.

Nokia 1011: the first batch production of GSM mobile phone

this is not a history’s most successful nokia mobile phone, even if you don’t have heard of this phone, I also should come as no surprise. However, it is the mobile phone, created the great era of the nokia. In other words, it is a symbol of honor, we don’t need too much attention on how it implements the function of the breakthrough.

Nokia 1011

on November 10, 1992, which is why nokia this phone was named 1011. If it can appear on the sales counter today, is likely to be as a cheap cordless telephone. The Nokia 1011 just a monochrome display screen, and each can present two lines. The nickel cadmium battery, at the back of the phone in phone case, can only provide 90 minutes of power support. In addition to calls, send messages, 1011 no other functions.

so, Nokia 1011, what is there worth people place of memory? Though, the world’s first commercial mobile phone honor belongs to MOTOROLA (), yet the Nokia 1011 is the first batch production of GSM mobile phones. With the advent of the era of 4 g, as the first generation of digital mobile phone standard, GSM will be replaced, but now it is still the most widely applicable scope in the world of mobile phone standard. In addition, it is because of the GSM, to let every corner of the world have the possibility of phone calls. Until in 1994, Nokia launched the Nokia 2110, the phone will be officially launched.

Nokia 2110

Nokia – everyone has a mobile phone

if in the past 15 years, you happen to be a mobile users, so in your several handsets, there must be a from nokia. Nokia 5110 issued in 2000, with the big shape, as well as the colorful shell, became the most popular mobile phone at that time. It is also the first mobile phone, I bought until now it still can operate properly.

Nokia 5110

also appeared in 2000 and Nokia, Nokia and Nokia. The mobile phone has appeared, changed the Nokia mobile phone after clumsy, burly hard style. The appearance of smooth, closer to the aesthetic style of today. In addition, low price, reliable performance, the mobile phone has also become the globally, sell the best products. Was born in 2003, Nokia 1100 is also a history of the product, until now, it still maintained a record of the world’s most popular mobile phone.

Nokia 3210

Nokia 3310

Nokia 8210

bold design: come

do you remember the matrix of 1999? Neil specialty machine appearance and mobile phone appear a few scenes, let a person very unforgettable. But maybe you don’t know, the hero hands holding a Nokia 8110. The phone came out in 1998, and lead the popular trend of the slider. Since then, all metal material of Nokia, equipped with cameras, Nokia, inherit the characteristics the slide. Want to know, at that time most of the OEM production for straight only mobile phone in the world. Later, Nokia also launched a clamshell mobile phones Nokia, Nokia, and can rotate in the two mobile phones Nokia and Nokia.

Nokia 7650

nokia does not imitate others, but also have been trying to go beyond what they create design style. It has introduced a square base mobile phones, QWERTY keyboard, keyboard mobile phones, can rotate the keyboard, deformation of mobile phones, and transparent mobile phone etc. If Nokia launched one of the most unique mobile phone, so the Nokia and Nokia. The two mobile phones, also known as nokia lipstick (lipstick). Although this phone pioneer too avant-garde design style, but have to say it represents the nokia company, insist on innovation, the pursuit of the spirit of quality.

Nokia QWERTY the rid_device_info_keyboard

Nokia lipstick

in the history of the most powerful mobile phone

in addition to lead on design appearance, nokia was once the most powerful in the history of one of the mobile phone. Nokia 3310 for the first time with the function of voice dialing, Nokia is one of the first equipped with mobile phone WAP browser, introduced the Nokia music, Nokia has bluetooth function, the Nokia 7650 is Nokia’s first mobile phone with a camera. Above these phones, in the guarantee of good performance at the same time, keep the cell phone in People’s Daily life become the indispensable assistant and entertainment tool.

Nokia 6310

in addition, nokia also played an exemplary role in hand swim field. Remember the little game ever be the rage “snake”? Although it appeared as early as 1970, when Nokia after add the game to the Nokia 6110, still feel novel, addicted to mobile phone users. Thereafter, nokia also to this classic game first improved, in addition to presented the lifelike images, also adopted the full color of the graphics.

of course, we left the deepest impression of nokia mobile phone is it. It is reported, nokia is the first of a melody as a mobile phone to prompt oems. This period of popular melodies, from the famous Spanish guitar player Francisco Tarrega1902 in a melody. Since it first appeared in the Nokia, has continued the Nokia since each phone.

once the most hope to become to be the king of the smart phone

although the function of machine has been nokia’s cash cow’s milk, but it was most likely to become dominant in the smartphone industry. Since the acquisition of companies symbian, nokia production a series of powerful functions, design a perfect mobile phone. In addition to Nokia and Nokia N series E. One of the most famous should be. Even in nowadays, the Nokia N95 multimedia mobile phone also can yet be regarded as a performance all (multimedia machine). Operator support, however, because of a lack of the United States, the price of this kind of mobile phone as much as $779, which to a certain extent, limits the development prospect of N95. Worse, after 2007, with apple and Android launched their smart phones, nokia’s symbian phones have apparently become the laggards to keep pace with times. Elop after taking office, decided to abandon the burning platform, comprehensive switch to Microsoft’s giant arms.

Nokia N95

in the future, there is a chance nokia

although in the era of the iPhone, nokia has lost its past glory, but it still plays an important role in the mobile market. Especially its feature phones, occupies a large part of the share in emerging markets. In addition, nokia the spirit of continuous innovation, also be inherited. For example, recent nokia, which has the function of photography. Perhaps, this phone will not create the legend of the Nokia 5110, but this spirit of innovation will allow Nokia has a greater potential for development.

no matter how the development of the acquisition, we have reason to believe that nokia in the mobile market, with their own piece of heaven and earth.