Were Momo said China mobile hijacked “violence”

just announced that users reached 50 million Momo recently encountered trouble, gansu area to hijack Momo China mobile network, users can’t normal login Momo leads to the region.

yesterday, gansu area users use Momo appeared abnormal reaction, user login. Yesterday afternoon, Momo official response said confirmed by the technical staff, starting on July 16th afternoon, gansu area to hijack Momo China mobile network, cause the user “network authentication failed, please make sure the right” mobile phone time. Because the old version can’t deal with this way of hijacking, please affected android users to download new version 4.0.1.

suspected hijacked media reported in April this year China mobile phone browser and hurt micro letter. Famous since the media are pan flew revealed a picture, picture shows some netizens in the use of WeChat embedded browser to read the article, the article above pop-up China mobile residual flow to remind and advertising information, the top window with “mobile 139 navigation – flow… With the words “, WeChat embedded browser suspected was hijacked by China mobile.

according to the survey, understand the related technologies of netizens pointed out that this is China mobile to mobile browser hijack, using a PC very mature HTTP unpack and advertising technology.

although operators hijacking means varied, both DNS hijacking, and HTTP hijack process hijacked, network transport, etc., but present a strong regional characteristics: first of all, from the eastern coastal areas appear some years ago, and now the Midwest hinterland in the most rampant, and the feedback from the network, in chongqing, sichuan, hunan, three areas “hijacked” phenomenon is the most frequent and violent. Momo hijacked, the area of gansu province is belong to remote areas in the Midwest.

the local operators in order to seek personal gain, blatantly violate the interests of others, hijacking network has become the industry pollution.

as hunting cloud network time, China mobile to stranger stranger reaction by the network without any official public response was hijacked.