Well-known P2P website micro lending days don’t have access to the industry in question and/or changes

according to reports coming from the readers, the well-known network website micro credit loan has a few days can’t access. Industry insiders said the micro credit network if a great change will impact to the entire net lending industry.

it is known that the micro credit net (wd5.com.cn) on March 1, launched in 2011, two years time, and apply for borrowing in total close to 400 million yuan, is very famous in the P2P industry. Micro lending net consecutive days cannot be accessed, something is the official did not disclose any information on the matter, therefore, the industry therefore a voice questioned micro lending network faces great changes. “Either walk the boss or is hacking.”

the personage inside course of study says, when run, will be 8 magnitude earthquake, for an estimated the impact of the industry.

the P2P network model is loan by a company to build a platform, the people who need money demand, investors bid, and completed by platform set trade between the two sides, and charge a service fee.

is engaged in the introduction to P2P network business loan threshold is very low. Spend 100000 yuan registered a company, do a website, can carry out net loan business. Each platform with the registered capital and management team, the good and bad are intermingled, capital turnover, project settlement, bad debts rate data such as current unsupervised, basically rely on discipline.

late last year, the P2P network website gold credit loan, ants, and all the credit loan bond to evaporation volume, in January this year net credit platform “optimal website,” suddenly evaporate, swept away more than 60 investors about 20 million of the money.