Well-known investors: Twitter will be more than the New York times “longevity”

Beijing time on May 2 morning news, on Monday the Milken Institute global conference, well-known technology industry investor Peter tal (Peter Thiel) and mark Anderson (Marc Andreessen) do not match the development prospects are proposed for Twitter. But both thinks, Twitter will be able to survive in a long time, even more than the New York times “long life”.

thayer believe that over the next 10 years, Twitter’s approximately 1000 employees will have work to do, and Twitter business outlook is stable. He will be the future of Twitter and a contrast with the New York times, and that the New York times in the future in the digital age may not be able to survive, so the New York times staff should be thinking about the future work.

Anderson’s venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz as early as the beginning of 2011, with its $80 million investment in Twitter, then Twitter valuation of about $4 billion. Twitter is expected in the next two years an IPO (initial public offering), thayer believe that Twitter’s current $10 billion valuation is reasonable.

however, tyr to Twitter innovation is put forward. Thayer investment Fund the founders’ s Fund, had this slogan: “we were promised to see cars can fly, but in the end we only see the messages of 140 characters.”

thayer, points out that the development of the Twitter suggests that the innovation of the current technology has not fundamentally changed people’s life, there is no change people’s life expectancy and the overall economy. He said: “the new technology was used to within the global scope you send pictures of cats. But in fact we can do more.”

Anderson did not agree. He compared the Twitter and print media, and points out that Twitter fundamentally changed the way of human communication. He said: “Twitter is a real-time and free global public message system.”

Anderson said that before he encouraged his investment in the listed company as far as possible, wait for a longer time, but will be in 2014 or 2015 IPO. If Twitter city, is expected to be since Facebook to go public, the largest IPO. In public after a year, Facebook shares dropped 29%, so investors may IPO wait for other social media companies.

Anderson admits that, as a result of the development of the Internet has affected the profit of the print media, so he told the New York times in recent years, the plight of some schadenfreude. In the early 90 s, he said, many media companies on the Internet technology, don’t think that technology can get widespread popularity. “Seeing the New York times company to technical cooperation with they had laughed at, it makes me feel happy.”


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