Welfare is coming! Dried shrimp musicians platform 100% earnings to artists

shrimp nets today launched musicians platform, allows independent musicians and record companies to independent pricing of copyrighted music, musicians will get 100% of its revenue.

the so-called independent music in the eyes of the public are relatively small, and even called the name of “underground”. They alone cannot revenue, they cannot directly monitoring data, not directly release, could not be independent marketing and pricing. And dried shrimp nets is to get through the channels.

independent musicians to join the music dried shrimp, range, demo area and team will have exclusive domain name, you can upload the demo and album. Crucially, independent musicians can undertake independent pricing to download music, listen to remain free. It is understood that the current shrimp music pricing system has been online, download the single price range from $0 to 50 yuan.

shrimp nets has said, in the first two years after its launch, the platform for musicians to execute completely free, online download the proceeds from the platform will be 100% belongs to the copyright owner. In the future, shrimp nets or in the form of fees for partial returns.

for musicians, you can communicate with fans in individual exclusive group. In addition, the musicians by selling works, a concert, selling peripheral products for income, shrimp nets can also provide corresponding tool for musicians.

in addition, shrimp will release “musicians express” marketing services, covering the record companies, music festival, media interviews, TV shows, tour and so on.

in terms of payment, dried shrimp is the checkout and pay treasure team to jointly develop follow-up system, the future music platform can extend by the month automatically invoicing, payment.