WeiOu millet, you make which is this?

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in 9 number, millet and let a bizarre campaign, for two days on millet s the price summer promotion that coverage of the price war, must let everyone know already. Personally, the arsenic in the near future does not demand to buy mobile phones, so ready for the price to them, how many units, the end of the summer promotion will restore the original price is not very cold, such as news about key for watching too big principles, high-spirited waiting to see the reaction of the outfits.

as MAO outfits must have reaction? For millet is such a strange (if you ask why such a strange, small arsenic millet’m afraid I have to catch up with a long paper, so the fine chat, later today I am watching a lively), his action is always makes a lot of people do not calm. Giants like you, for example, huawei, lenovo, headache calls this cat is too high, and fans culture of envy. However, today more than mouth that weibo oolong is really too much, fans not pinch out more than his schizophrenia, with small arsenic hometown evaluation today this weibo goal is: I said don’t loose you. User activity is to have the best proof of fan culture, refuses to check on their Allies and baidu statistics to…

here, little arsenic has invented the great selfless contribution a recruit some days of psychological adjustment method: each time in a bad mood, more than to see the big mouth of weibo, joy immediately.

said digress, get to the point. Like the title says, outfits in the dragon king is who? A standard is simple, dare to participate in the summer promotion play a price war, count also few, samsung, the cool and HTC , occasionally from a SONY MOTOROLA and nokia, etc. If this is absolutely hard Numbers, size and capacity is not enough to a certain scale of your face is going to mixed, nine times out of ten that enterprise is not his own. So this action for the new members of the club millet, meaningful, prove their overall strength has entered into a new realm.

it is easy to understand this truth, the famous Moore’s law was once again play the role of products sold, the more the split to the cost of each product the above will be less. After reducing the profit space, is to participate in the summer promotion price makers can play CARDS, even happen to meet with a malicious words, would rather lose money to encircle the ground to the user, card playing beyond space are possible (lenovo did it come out, because the somebody else have other income can complement). So seems to be just a summer promotion price actually behind the requirement is high, the size must be large, must be high capacity, the supply chain must be complete, must also be a good sales situation.

the GanChan letting a person is the last one, because the sales is good, who also can’t predict in advance, the company’s confidence in their products to the test.

samsung, the cool and HTC user, you said he users to buy because word big convenient presbyopia, even you said he users to buy because operators to push the shop goods, anyway, people especially lenovo for industrial controls the ability to become adept, notting have is not the scale of the dragon king. In the sea of millet, the test if the ability to participate in the club in a big way, the dragon king bed for many years, does not look real.

already heard about the sellers start prices, such as part of the the iphone 5 dealers began from additional accessories package rates, part of the channel of samsung S4 below 4000 element. But the overall is not much action, the best is for the reach claws, this how many let little arsenic is a bit disappointed, but the beginning of summer promotion, maybe more than with big mouth as clown make people happy to.

actually think is redundant, all previous summer promotion everyone seems to play, but in the end, always a huge increase in sales. And also don’t play with millet, fans of high culture and user activity, not everyone can have, it don’t press the table for a moment. But on the other side, this let small arsenic is very happy, can not participate in the edge of the summer promotion small factory (formerly called shanzhai), the performance of rather calm.

there is a clear signal they should be able to feel, rub the millet brush sense the opportunity came, hug mow grass rabbit, pole dozen dates, a is a play. This is a topic that sentence: the dragon king, toad first.

7 on 9 now , large coke Ding Xiuhong fastest response, beat out suck and lists three reasons, first, millet s is concerning product. Second, millet inventory backlog a lot to jilt goods. Third, the millet is huge profits.

small arsenic almost no music out loud, Ding Xiuhong reaction speed is very fast, but the low level of such should not be. Samsung S4 , HTC One , s , carrying the same Xiao dragon 600 , who is behind? If behind because of late, it is not only the HTC not unproductive, oh no, if you say so, Mr Ding Xiuhong new logic inevitably became die first, this is called bitching around, unreasonable also has a basket word. As for the two behind, creditors small arsenic is your music out of the first, or scold dead you are deserved it. Black people also have the originality, with last year’s old phrases to like anything!

On the evening of the

21:06 and the other also jumped out, green orange mobile phone Wang Xun. Want to suck the word just like Ding Xiuhong too much, just be the picture is fun. Small arsenic out of curiosity, just like a magic is a brother out, this two people lying on the floor and looked down upon at ordinary times to do marketing Tan Wensheng (particularly note 1, tan is therefore people send large “floor action”), although on the surface is very familiar with, but this time to worry oneself sick out show lower limit is also big surprise, that he would say Ding Xiuhong is the second, Tan Wensheng Wang Xun is active when the Tan Wensheng third…

to be put aside in the past, people often look gathered in the Internet mode, social marketing and so on the surface characteristics of millet, tan 1 2 3 can also follow the input, the ans also this model, is also very cow force. But millet to participate in the summer promotion price war released a clear signal: millet as the pioneer of Internet model and prove, once with these advantages among the longmen, millet group effect of dividend will turn to the cool, HTC and other groups. Under the gantry, needless to say, be forgotten.

has been following the man, looking forward to holding the somebody else’s ankle was brought into the gantry, the jump in somebody else’s sudden acceleration to themselves and return back to say: don’t take you to play with, Bai De ancient you! See here, what do you think of toad should worry?

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