Weibo version released taobao to accelerate the process of commercialization

(editor: qing nan)

in alibaba a $586 million stake in sina weibo after 3 months, the two sides finally launched a more substantial cooperation, first choice is based on taobao resources of social electricity business.

in conference held today, sina weibo with alibaba jointly announced the release of “sina weibo taobao edition”, officially open social electricity business strategy in the process of social shopping 2.0 era. According to the plan, weibo taobao version will be launched on August 5, will provide one-stop marketing services for taobao sellers in 1 [W], also for weibo users to provide higher quality of commodity information, improve the efficiency of shopping. And behind it is sina weibo around the major move of commercial route.

in fact, after the two sides signed the agreement on investment, immediately gave rise to the discussion of weibo with ali merchants. According to the agreement, the next three years, alibaba will bring weibo marketing and socialization of e-commerce revenue of $380 million, but at the time of the product form, also cannot consume large quantities of advertising, therefore, form new products will be vividly portrayed.

, said an official with the

weibo for businesses in weibo, in addition to the taobao platform, rather then added a social marketing channel, can direct contact of mass consumers.

weibo cooperation with taobao, the mainly reflected in three aspects: one is the exchange and store account officer micro service; The second is better commodity experience sharing and user communication; Three is better business marketing and promotional functions.

according to the scene to show the weibo taobao version of the page you can see, sina weibo will provide businesses with exclusive shops on the page, it has launched the current media enterprise similar style. Merchants with taobao and location background to get through, may at any time to check the fan of the interactive information, and provide data analysis tools, to influence, the fan interaction, and make the goods conversion of real-time analysis, convenient and timely understanding of progress.

at present, the two sides platform account has been fully support through. In weibo client information display, the businessman release product information will use the card, links, parsing and weibo labeled directly, the above can be visual display product price, sales, and the degree of attention. After a user clicks into taobao page to complete the final deal. Next, the two sides will also consider gradually improve directly finish payment, fans in weibo exclusive privilege and other services.

for sina weibo has large volume, how to get the huge flow of cash balance at the same time the user experience, is always a hard questions. Now, sina weibo launched taobao’s appears to be a compromise of not only can realize commercial interests, can also be based on the premise of big data to provide users with more specific product information.

release the pressure of sina commercial

from weibo project has been established, and bear the sina “second venture”, the weight of it was also about sina company future, therefore, investment in the company, also a drag on earnings data. Is the worst, because 2011 microblog marketing and research and development to double the cost of the case, allow for sina in the third quarter net loss of $336.3 million, 2011 full-year net loss of $302.1 million.

in April 2012, sina launched the first weibo advertising system, officially launched commercial. At present, weibo commercial mainly including advertising and value-added services, after two aspects from the weibo were gradually expand commercial exploration, releasing value-added members, display ads, the flow of information, services, but often damage the user experience. Realized in the process of commercialization, traffic and user requirements of double standard testing the company weibo management wisdom.

ali in equivalent to an opportunity of sina weibo release energy, has been in the industry expect for sina weibo commercial watershed. First of all, taobao, Tmall high-quality business resources and weibo grafting is currently the best social electricity combining route, all it needs on both sides. Second is to provide ease ali in the capital chain of sina weibo, can make for quite a long time the key products and experiences. More importantly, the subsequent cooperation provides cash for weibo commercial security.

in addition, the two big platform also collaborated in send junk level, and through the account interaction, two platforms will comprehensive evaluation of a single user’s credit rating, credit rating low users sharing of taobao short chain will be limited to the frequency and number of sina weibo. Sina weibo will also be established taobao cross-platform users to report information feedback mechanism.

according to the investment agreement signed by both parties, ali is expected in the next three years to bring about $380 million in sina weibo marketing and socialization of e-commerce revenue. Calculated on the average, sina weibo single annual income of about $127 million, plus more than $66 million in its revenue (2012), sina weibo next year revenue is expected to more than $200 million, the earlier of up to $160 million annual investment, but also a profit of $40 million.

even if, in accordance with the principle of increasing weibo in the first cooperation can also be achieved basically revenue balance within the year. So, weibo can completely control the pace of commercialization, put more energy to improve the ability of data mining, service good user experience.

new ideas by the social power with big data

hundreds of millions of users to contain the enormous data, how to provide more personalized and targeted services, it is sina weibo, a link must be strengthened.

after the open commercial early last year, weibo also introduces social elements in display advertising system, the effect is limited. Then launched advertising system via “fans”. Sina’s claim that the product contains large data mining, advertising engine type considering the correlation between user demand, because the accuracy is not very perfect, has also been some users complain that information.

before weibo taobao version, sina weibo cooperation with ali resources mainly in display advertising, but the data did not get through, is still by the guide way to taobao drainage. And, taobao is using his own standing outside advertising system, has very little to do with sina their own weibo user data. Because of the lack of mass, high degree of specialization of business resources, weibo on the analysis of merchants, the user transaction behavior data scalability is restricted.

in fact, the user browsing the weibo found based on the recommendation of the past record taobao to buy goods, to a certain extent improve the user experience, but more looking forward to you is “predictive, intelligent, humane, more matching recommended”.

taobao millions of merchants resources of injection, will provide the sina microblogging data dream possible. For businesses, not only a new marketing channel, can also be more real close to consumers, and receive timely feedback, improve marketing efficiency.

so far, the two sides on data sharing and data mining is also only stay in a shallow level account to each other. But with the deepening of the cooperation, millions or even tens of millions of level of sellers settle weibo user consumption data and the interest, will help big weibo data mining and accumulation, so as to analyze the potential users of consumer motivation, make social electricity is more accurate and intelligent.

on the basis of the above, weibo also have the larger development space. As mobile terminal strengthen of payment link in weibo and perfect, can through the flash sales, sina weibo page and taobao sellers said user virtual life platform resources.