Weibo Page intentions: excavating relations value chain improve platform commercial potential

hunting cloud network on August 16 (editor: liu)

since July 31, weibo has gradually began to normal user profiles to make substantial changes, the biggest change is the new “Page” architecture system, a collection of users’ personal networks, to highlight the user access to information, to accept the service entrance.

meanwhile, weibo is also gradually to some writers, musicians, media and merchant’s weibo homepage for testing, to jointly promote the system of the whole Page.

overall, sina weibo in the excavation user relationship, interested in the job, by the time upgrade provide powerful support for weibo system commercial system.

Page is what?

according to the interpretation of the sina weibo, the Page is sina weibo on people, institutions, objects, such as geographical location, songs, movies, books, etc.) a microblog home Page. Such as yao’s personal homepage, haidilao international building enterprise microblogging, ideal location page, one album pages of faye wong, the weather is a general application page.

is shown in the present on all kinds of account Page, you can see that using the unified frame assembly out of the architecture of the Page, finished to individuals, institutions, content aggregation information and function. At the same time, all kinds of accounts are made differential display according to their own properties.

under ordinary users personal home page, for example, at the same time in the display of information flow in the weibo, also shows users sign in place, like books and music and so on, compared with the old version, the time to upgrade home page is highlighted the “personal interest”.

media account, with the quality of the media content aggregation center, support long content distribution, RSS feed automatic fetching polymerization, elegant layout, etc. It is reported, the media will be completed before October upgrade account Page Page.

for writers and musicians, but personal introduction and related works in the Page Page, click the Page jump works can view the details, but also trying to read, listen, and can jump to online mall to buy books. It also shortens the writers and works, the operation of the distance between sample and buy.

With regard to business,

Page Page provides a variety of applications, coupons, maps, personalized information such as the skin, can let the consumer through the Page for more information of enterprise, and enterprise real-time communication. In addition, the authentication enterprise also can call the third party applications to carry out group purchase, payment, etc.

why do Page?

in previous weibo system, users and users, users and enterprises, between enterprises and between enterprises and other frequent interaction, produced a large number of content and relationship chain, and became a huge data network, but the relationship between the chain, mostly hidden in the taichung for some users, the relationship between system and depth in short supply. Sina needs to do to comb and to present in this area.

in addition, revision, weibo personal edition does not agree, the media edition, enterprise edition experience.

according to sina weibo product manager Liu Bin explanation, the great redesign purpose is in the pursuit of consistency on the basis of experience, presents the different elements of differentiation. At the same time, the greater mining user generated content and relationships of the value of existence, precipitation more content to the user, and consumption is more accurate.

on the adjustment of the concrete. In the background is mainly to comb the user relationship, user behavior, enterprise behavior, items, the correlation between, on the basis of a certain context and connection. On the front page, in the Web and mobile terminal experience consistent at the same time, individuals, enterprises, media and commodity page has a relatively uniform in their respective categories page architecture, at the same time set the account of the content, and interest relationship, future gradually to the same type of account do fine adjustment on the function and module, in order to achieve the consistency of the whole experience at the same time, guarantee the category differentiated services.

The meaning of

Page Page

you can see, from individual users through the Page more accurately find valuable content, more convenient to find people with common interest, better implement social platform.

for the whole platform, sina weibo in blended in with the content of the “content”, make a “big supermarket” quite so, this will inevitably involve trading links gradually, and this is sina weibo commercial strategy an important part of. Compared to the flow of information marketing push, commodity information Page attributes more easily on the experience and interest in cognitive accepted by users.