Weibo open sogou 360 earthquake wanted data to baidu

at 8 a.m. on April 22, sina weibo announced putting open earthquake data, with partners to achieve through such as baidu, sogou, 360, in order to improve the efficiency of disaster relief work. This cooperation, is the big Internet companies to realize data exchange in disaster relief, for the first time for the rescue project accumulated rich experience in the future. At present, sina weibo, the initiative to contact other platform also hope to gather more power, promote online help.

through an open platform, weibo has been open to the baidu, sogou, 360 dedicated push interface, the partners will be putting the collected information written to the microblogging platform, through the microblogging putting all the data exchange and sharing, at the same time can also through application service published on microblogging platform in real time without content. In addition, sina microblogging will all of the data provided to the partner, the net friend in baidu, sogou, 360 of the page, can query to the microblogging platform on the latest related content.

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ya after the earthquake, a hundreds of millions of Internet users to participate in online rescue rapidly on the network platform, users are released through the social platform and search engine, the query information, volunteers to join but also bring more wanted to the needs of peace. To face a surge of information, including sina weibo, baidu, sogou, 360 companies have opened wanted zone, to help users in the form of aggregation distribution, information search and rescue, wanted information and at peace. As the platform between the data of the company get through, will effectively promote people finder and the efficiency of disaster relief work.

in addition to the relevant data will be open to a large platform, sina weibo will also open to third-party developers to these data, hope the microblog of the data in the form of more let more people know, compatriots embarks from the earthquake to help ya. More enterprises to cooperate, said will be open in the data in the process of discovery and optimize the process, through the open experience of cooperation, hope to have more enterprises to join in, at the same time also hope that on the basis of normal cooperation pattern into a sudden emergencies.