“Weibo contribute 】 【 taobao edition” let friends was stunned

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

on 5 day in the morning, “taobao”, followed by the first single business, it in the morning 1 : 23 through the microblogging to clinch a deal, that sell goods to the rhythm of make friends are stunned.

this first deal from a call “grass bouquet flavor official stores” taobao sellers, his home on August 5, after binding weibo taobao in the morning edition, directly push the shop for a $1 item to kill effect, sina weibo in the results of the flow to clinch a deal the moment 3 pens, including 2 pen is mobile phone order! As of 5, 12 noon, the flow of the shop by sina to tutors have accounted for 34.80% of the total flow, high store traffic sources first.

products online 2 hours clinch a deal the 3 list, the result is quite good. You might say, the businessman is set by the seconds killed, can not attractive? But if you want to, merchants big night 12 only within their own taobao shop partying until the seconds kill activity, to see and participate in how many people? Weibo taobao version for the commodity information from taobao sellers spread to twitter, the microblogging platform in an instant revitalize the flow.

weibo taobao version of the launch, the weibo and taobao platform connecting users and resources. Found on weibo sina weibo users can also find interesting information, the seller is to find a new marketing world, can be geared to the needs of new users, to absorb more traffic, no doubt this is a win-win situation.

the substantive cooperation, first of all, to speed up the commercialization process for sina weibo. Before the socialization on the sina weibo electricity try, like millet mobile phone, Benz smart , Letv box this flash sales model, has a high participation threshold for enterprises, need to have extensive visibility and user base of enterprise to operate microblogging flash sales. This pattern is difficult to large-scale replication, because after all, small and medium-sized enterprise accounts for the vast majority. Weibo taobao version of the launch, brought large Numbers of small and medium-sized enterprise to twitter, enabling them to share the microblog users and flow, make the dream realised sina weibo flow near.

for taobao, the partnership for the majority of sellers, especially small and medium-sized sellers brought a huge flow of entrance. As you all know, small and medium-sized sellers on taobao’s hard times now. At present on the taobao platform, regardless of the size of the seller, if you want to do good business will have to rely on traffic. Taobao commodity exhibition, there are mainly purchase page right through train advertising, do SEO optimize for search page ranking top and taobao advertising and other ways. With so many sellers, but limited resources to promote a. With the influx of more and more sellers, increasingly fierce competition, promote a became a scarce resource, through such channels as more and more expensive. These traditional means of getting traffic, only occupy capital and brand advantage of big sellers can afford to play. Small and medium-sized sellers increasingly marginalized.

this version “taobao”, you can see taobao is actively looking for new growth space for small and medium-sized sellers. Version “taobao” is actually in the seller’s location background into a “weibo” module, convenient for the seller in a background to taobao, weibo background management platform. Using version “taobao”, equivalent to the taobao platform, sellers opens up a new world — have weibo so that a new marketing channel. And according to the published data, the microblogging through technology upgrading, can put the items posted sellers, parsed into including price, store reputation and popularity, and other information CARD, will obtain the official certification of the word “tao” logo. Sellers or users to share out the goods, is no longer dry a short chain does not have any information, abundant graphic content can greatly stimulate the user’s click. The word “tao” logo, also let the seller’s credit guarantee, reduce the user.

this means that it is difficult to obtain in taobao platform before discharge and the user’s small and medium-sized sellers, is now a weibo and taobao platform we will vigorously support the object, were indeed blessed. They can now not only a new channels in the face of massive amounts of users on the microblogging platform, at the same time depends on the version “taobao” have means of commodity information can enrich show, if can make the social chain, then there will be a great growth space.

although version “taobao” marketing for small and medium-sized sellers to develop a new world, but weibo user habits and to buy goods through information flow to see? Weibo diversion of electricity effect how? Domestic well-known third-party data monitor DCCI released “2012 Chinese weibo blue book have a data, more than half of the user to see the electronic shopping information on the microblogging platform after will enter the e-commerce sites, and close to 50% of the users will click on weibo electronic shopping product links or pictures, etc. Weibo released “2012 website microblogging annual development report also showed that 70.4% of twitter users are willing to accept e-commerce sites weibo for apparel goods buy advice, 82.6% of twitter users see interested in electricity short chain of blog will click to view details.

visible, microblogging platform is a blue ocean of electricity marketing. But just by opening version “taobao” can let small and medium-sized sellers to wait for the user and traffic, is impossible. After the new rules of the game, small and medium-sized sellers should play as soon as possible familiar with PLC, and give full play to their creativity and initiative. For example, how to use weibo to exploit new fans bring new traffic, how will taobao old customers into their weibo fans, how to keep old and new fans while increasing fans user viscosity, etc. As the beginning of the article mentioned the shop, seconds kill activity leads to good results, and push for several shops selling products, found that flow rate higher than before, and the momentum for weibo taobao version had a “new product price, forwarding microblogging screenshots enjoy welfare” buy one get one free activity, let the traffic flow greatly ascend. The charm of social platform is based on the social relations of the spread of word-of-mouth effect, if some good ideas, don’t even need to spend money can achieve good communication effect and real returns.

in the long run, cooperation between the two sides will also have more imagination space. The sina weibo have hundreds of millions of mobile users, recently obtained licence, also let weibo had the ability to make payment platform. Access to information, browse the selection and payment transaction business closed loop once formed, plus huge mobile user, a virtual life platform building will close at hand, both microblogging platform and the seller, will benefit greatly.