Weibo commercial progress to which step? Weibo and electricity marriage, the Denver nuggets

sina weibo contain the gold mine, through technology, data mining, to achieve large-scale revenue like twitter.

twitter trinity system of advertising and marketing good weibo for reference. So, at present, the commercialization of weibo progress to which step?

a, step on the commercialisation of weibo

weibo at present there are mainly two kinds of forms of advertising, is a kind of PC and mobile advertising display advertising, another is information flow. Display advertising is not much, released in weibo box below and microblog home page can be seen on the right side, is the first step on the weibo commercialization.

information advertisement: during the 2012 Olympics to invite China mobile brands such as customer tests first product headline “fans”, in 2012 by the end of the test “fans”, launched in March this year for small and medium-sized enterprises packages, fan is launched. This is the second step.

“recommend” window: this is insiders revealed the news, has quietly in the test. Window is recommended weibo and mainstream electric business platform based on weibo users social relation and interest graph of the depth of the cooperation between the data products, according to microblogging stream goods match the depth of the related data mining trigger the recommendation of related content.

but it can be seen as the latest information in the form of advertising, can be regarded as weibo commercial third step. This suggests that in the depth of mining, on the basis of user data, weibo is exploring new advertising products, advertising presents more diversified.

2, window advertising is a kind of social electricity

from the end of 2012 in the year to march, millet, smart, le successively in snapping up, weibo by closed loop through social marketing, on the one hand shows the effect of “flash sales” mode, on the one hand shows the weibo user ability of shopping.

in fact, the combination of weibo and electricity has a natural opportunity, microblogging platform for electronic commerce diversion effect is obvious, and electricity has become a flashpoint weibo commercialization. In such a background, the social networking platform and electric business platform for the first time the depth cooperation is follow, future worth looking forward to.

in addition to relevant recommendations on the product ID, according to the future can also imagine actually more, such as weibo accounts and taobao account after get through, according to user’s click history interest and purchase data and recommend. In general, this kind of cooperation based on electricity is a start, is an attempt to have more imagination space in the future.

3, small and medium-sized market behind the coveted
Millet on weibo often sell for tens of thousands of units for the bosses of the shenzhen huaqiang north “shock”, but like millet star enterprise, after all, just a few.
1, flash sales mode is more suitable for hot style of old brand products, weibo need to find the right marketing model together with the small and medium-sized enterprises;
2, set up shop in taobao, the vast majority of businessmen belong to small and medium-sized enterprises, the demand for social marketing;
3, recommended “window” is weibo and the depth of the electric business platform for the first time cooperation, hope to develop small and medium-sized market together with the third party. The fans before implement agent mechanism; Launch services platform, supporting the third party.

I predict, taobao’s demonstration effect will stimulate other electric business platform or other industry leading companies in the field of
Industry, weibo in the future with more platform manufacturers to cooperate the possibility is very large.

4, window advertising power is behind the data

throughout insane and Twitter, amazon, even in the emphasis on big data, through data mining of gold silver, weibo is necessarily the path for the future, weibo is hidden behind the window data analysis ability. This time, perhaps by matching the data item ID, the future, could it be after the semantic analysis of advertising content match?
1, advertising content filtering mechanism, the microblogging platform with partners together to analyze short chain, recommended to the user might be interested in related products;
2, through the cooperation with third-party electric business platform, weibo can better understand online behavior data in e-commerce sites, on this basis, this part to the users to realize precision push;
3, user data mining from individual combat to cross-platform cooperation, have a broader prospect, also accord with weibo since its inception has launched open platform strategy.

the vigorous development of the electricity for the outbreak of weibo commercial opportunities, is currently with taobao, obviously, the future weibo is sure and other electric business platform. But still an old saying goes, despite strong weibo media properties, but it can the Denver nuggets, must be a technical drivers.

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