WeChat public platform to launch a custom menu interface

message on March 19, micro letter today formally announced the public platform for custom menu functions. At present the function only provided to the enterprises and institutions, and private qualification to apply for.

custom menu interface functions in the background release

developers can use this feature to account for the public session at the bottom of the interface increase the custom menu. The user can click on the menu of options, bring up the corresponding reply information or web link.

compared to the previous launch a custom message interface, custom menu interface will display space for public account information to provide more possibilities.


custom menu interface style

to “ride” Tibet public account, for example, a user attention after the account, will see the “guide” in the bottom of the session interface, “copycat”, “riding the” three custom menu options. The corresponding menu and their separation. The user can click on the corresponding button, see in the session interface auto reply message.

according to the custom menu interface related documentation, custom menu interface can realize two types button.

click (click events) :

after users click on the button click type, WeChat server through the message interface (event type) push click events for developers, developers to fill in the key value and bring button, developers will be able to reply messages through the custom key values.

view (browsing) :

when users click on the view type button, WeChat client will open the developer to fill in the url of the values in the button (link), click on the button to browse the web.