WeChat original expression, but give a person feel more bad

/wang cong wen Ji

words I wrote before: WeChat expression shop is a slag (touch me check). In this article a month’s time, great WeChat begin to correct the first mistake: expression all charges.

on September 6, micro letter expression shops appeared with the words “New”, into a look, I le a go, should have a set of free expression.

although look, this “kaka haven’t grow up” has been one of the seven sets of expression of the poor, but somehow has free expression, isn’t it?

but I was pointed out that the micro letter expression store three errors for:

1. All the charges. On the user’s lack of expression (mainly refers to the large map, WeChat native that set of QQ expression too) under the condition of using habit, expression stores all charges, which inevitably fall into the charge – & gt; nobody – & gt; consumption habits don’t train – & gt; nobody buy expression] death cycle.

2. Expression design lack of cultural identity. Micro letter expression of appearance, with a lack of cultural identity.

the Line from past experience, users to buy map (expression) really need to, not because the main is the cultural identity for the map, the map is derived from the user favorite movie, animation, games, etc.

3. Lack of promotion of creative expression. Do facial expression is culture, and culture, this thing is the need to promote, for their own original expression launch related theme film and television works, games, dolls is necessary. And WeChat current practice is to purchase a batch of expression, throw expression in the store.

now, WeChat in correcting the first error, but the other two problems?

look at “kaka” buy in a line on the bottom of the interface, the Copy right from Na Yujin, I le a go, the Na Yujin is who? Is not an unknown individual designers, micro believe you but there are 500 million users, you don’t get a fake designer shanzhai expression traps.

the so-called contrast is the best teacher, look at the Line, literally opens at a expression, copyright owners not Disney is Sanrio. You know, these are the famous cultural company, royalties that is rather expensive.

what a penny a points goods, with the expression of these copyright role is also a moist and lovely than a sprout.

than doing map with life Line, WeChat expression shop is a hole… Advertising, you also don’t blame me for the Line, I just will notice:

is not willing to do original design, is not willing to buy the copyright, is not willing to spend heavily to promote? WeChat refused to spend money to do – the user why to pay?

the free expression of error correction, and even if WeChat jun you didn’t do well!

free expression means? This means that the expression is the official expression of you, it is the type of IM, look at the Line and Kakao Talk, free expression has now become the product in its original face, with its expressions for the role of dolls, propaganda has become the promotion tool.

and the truth, tencent you should ratio who all understand, why say so? Do you have not seen the penguins, the penguin is tencent QQ and spokesperson.

now, really want to this “kaka” micro letter do, even if the user doesn’t nausea, micro letter yourself not sick?

well, it is said that the light points out that the error will be known as spray, I also try to give WeChat some concrete Suggestions:

1. Hire, cooperation, must have their own source of official expression. The expression of design level must be high, original of enough, enough and can’t charge, and to spend money, such as to get a few dolls presented to users “micro letter walker”.

the significance lies in: 1. Cultivate the habit of users using expressions. 2. Let the expression become official spokesman, assist in promotion.

the second meaning, especially the key, you not to internationalization WeChat? Wechat so cold letters which is comparable to a lovely expressions to effect is good?

2. Some copyright expression. Japanese anime, Disney, Hollywood, WeChat expressions you need to do is to purchase the copyright.

don’t worry about that don’t sell, as long as have a cultural identity, also calculate a standard expression. 500 million WeChat users haven’t millions of fans of iron man?

3. Cut the native QQ expression. QQ that set of expressions has become a micro letter of the biggest obstacles to promote their expression, the reason is that the expression is too great.

you know, QQ this expression after more than 10 years of development of native refining, is a classic, basic covered all the expression of user needs, and users have experience in using QQ, no working pressure. There was an expression of such a set of mature, who still use WeChat ah.

so, WeChat jun, do look, you’re the first thing is to cut it from QQ expression.

source: sohu IT