WeChat open platform, grass-roots entrepreneurs think twice


article/hunter cloud network contributing editor ShenYu

according to past experience, open platform of domestic Internet companies are basically “false proposition”, and grassroots practitioners from open platform to make money also is not so easy thing, so, for micro letter open platform, the profit pattern of grassroots developers want to know your products as well as the advantages, don’t always blindly forward, that will be a big failure probability.

1, the profit model: someone might argue, for example, so-and-so bosses, the opinions of the people said, don’t consider profit model, the user do large scale, the user scale, profit model can explore slowly.

is great, the point of view is correct, but it is for these capital bosses, for grass-roots, this way may not be appropriate; After all, you’ll have to live, if your team is endure less than do large scale that day, how can you ensure future possibilities? So, how to live is the most important priority.

some would argue, we also can look for investment, do you think the investment company is your family? Want to find can find? I think for most projects, grass-roots entrepreneurs can’t get the favour of VC may be 99%, and only by VC investment money to survive and even to maintain operation of the project, in a sense is a serious mistake, maybe we should start from the most will have the ability of hematopoietic, only in this way can the grass roots grow in such a brutal environment.

2, and their advantages: the open platform in this letter, that you can share? So many grassroots entrepreneurs, eyeing up looking at the platform, if you do not have their own advantages, how do you do great given? So, want to know their own advantages, find out their own direction, it is important to understand the ins and outs of the road.

if you are the advantages of using open API interface for third-party tools development, that is about to find out what kind of product development, who developed the product use, to how to promote products and what is the profit model of the product, these links all want to think about, not too late to think it over in the business, after all, you are a grassroots entrepreneurship, do grasp the bigger than the blind to do better, don’t think the detours will what benefits, it is not worth some detours.

both micro letter open platform, including open platform weibo, QQ space open platform and other Internet open platform, look like a piece of delicious cake, but only few really taste delicious, so, before doing, think about it, is very important.