WeChat been acclaimed The theatre than singing opera is called huan

on 5 , WeChat 5.0 , flying all kinds of analysis about the new WeChat, have fun, have cheered, screaming, carnival, concern with, men have, with also have smelly feet, watching the two found that after a lot articles about WeChat WeChat travels interventions had been made, and the theatre than singing opera is called huan. Sweep out micro letter and micro letter pay function has been holding fast to heaven, a micro letter 5.0 a posture die another day.

WeChat down industry?

has said the new WeChat scan function will be down a number of companies, such as a cat’s eye film, I check, adding a clattering, etc., don’t know how many people recognize this assumed, it’s said this fearless, dare to say anything, didn’t get the cat’s eye film, I check, adding a clattering why can exist.

the cat’s eye film is independent from the Meituan of group purchase application, has the movie information, group buying tickets to the theatre, the online options, etc., these is no WeChat can sweep out immediately? Micro letter can sweep under the most movie posters, buy a ticket, but this has to do with the movie APP poor too far, can’t meet the demand of the depth of the user, like see movie information, online options, WeChat haven’t, what do he replaced the cat’s eye film?

I check, adding a clattering such comparison query tools application is live on the data, a lot of goods data, these data WeChat have? Can sweep a code dare say to replace already deep long enterprises in this field?

WeChat user, the user for a long time? This means WeChat can replace everything? PC side, users, online time is long, but always do but tencent weibo sina weibo. A product’s success, not only look at the number of users and use long. Just think, you are a micro letter to buy the ticket or will open the cat’s eye and other film APP coupon? You will get WeChat sweep code comparison, will check with my or adding a clattering?

WeChat scan function can only say that enriched WeChat function, enhances the practicability, say down an industry, is somewhat exaggerated.

micro letter?

the New WeChat can sweep the street view, in the early online to let a person shine at the moment, a little magic and use for a while and then have the user found that street map scanning is just using the search view data, through the localization way to provide the location of the images and implementation, the available area are limited in the first-tier cities, but also often, this is a small function for most users, take out little white lie to deceive users.

some imaginative person should scan the micro letter street view associated with local service life stories, really see the wind is the rain, service to the local life with street view maps recklessly interesting? Really have local life consumption demand, the public comments, baidu map can be solved, and can provide more information than the letter. Don’t hungry to eat a meal, also carrying mobile street view scan looked everywhere for the hotel? It was the treasure?

the street view service with the local life together, need a large amount of data, need to have a business location data, such as consumer evaluation data, these tencent have not advantage, and the public comments with baidu map has been down a lot of work in these areas.

WeChat can realize the functions such as the public comments, baidu map, ali almost can be implemented. And sweep out micro letter function with micro letter itself IM ? Who can do it, WeChat advantage there is at most users, users what advantage, cell phone users than WeChat, you keep the cell phone to make a try. Tencent couldn’t to tout his these functions, but low-key in micro letter, spectators must raise a simple function of semi-finished products to the industry point of view, is the theatre than the use of call.

what’s more is that the function of the sweep out “” the pass the god, I really think impassability, are analyzed according to micro letter will sweep out through function for mobile search business advantages, this all which heel which ah? Was unable to ridicule.

pay world-beater micro letter?

payment function of micro letter finally came, but from the perspective of the attitude of the official, the micro letter to pay is only semi-finished products, micro letter is not in the hype micro letter, didn’t also reflect on the function, but pay the function may be hidden deep, can only be binding for the first time in the process of the payment card.

a lot of people are on the letter to pay full of expectation, fantasy, he can promote the development of mobile payment market, break the existing market pattern, the author just want to say the idea of “want to”. Micro letter get through payment function in some cases, it is really important, such as some need through micro letter paid applications and services, but in any case this does not mean that users will use micro letter payment function.