WeChat 5.0 or alleged was apple refused to act

the author: Lu Linjia

To DoNews

a person familiar with the fact, according to tencent WeChat products under our company’s new version 5.0 for alleged violations were refused by the apple audit.

the, according to people familiar with the new WeChat due to product positioning in the “class Store” has hit apple’s the bottom line, eventually apple App review team will continue to modify its products returned to the WeChat team.

it is known that WeChat 5.0 planned on August 5, the official in the App Store shelves, but because the apple refused refused to audit, the new WeChat stores plan to do has been postponed, the specific time is still not clear.

a WeChat internal staff team also confirmed that the new shelf time delay, the specific reasons of delay the staff said that the new WeChat for iOS 7 systems are being done to the adaptation of work, and whether to return from apple’s app store, the staff said.

one industry insider told DoNews, micro letter 5.0 allow tencent partners to provide services to the public through an open platform, was developed by an independent working. Which may violate the rules of apple’s app store, apple may determine the pattern around the audit mechanism, essentially banned one of the “app store”.

an apple iOS development engineers had disagreed with the claim, the engineer said, although WeChat through development platform that more businesses and individuals through WeChat serve more users, but that does not endanger the apple’s app store audit mechanism, and through the open platform of WeChat cannot get to the user’s personal privacy or other underlying information, so the claim is not valid.

after the news, said WeChat team because adapter iOS 7 of work to do, the new WeChat release time will be delayed, the engineers on the surface of said, tencent, because must fit the iOS 7 and delay time is unlikely, the reason is that currently the XCode and the iOS 5 7 is still in testing phase, from the official launch fastest also has nearly two months, now in the official release of iOS 7 adaptation may need to adjust again, and WeChat also can again after 7 iOS release to upgrade to version 5.1 with adapter iOS WeChat 7.

on by apple’s app store refused to review this rumor, tencent company did not respond.