WeChat 5.0 adjustment, the three steps can help you do the service operations

yong-dong Chen, writer of this paper cloud network readers hunting 】

5.0 micro letter online, after the public account number into the subscription and services, a lot of people ask: service number in a month can only mass on the premise of a message, how to operate the service number is good?

“WeChat patch 5.0, the public is divided into a subscription and services, subscription number can be mass message every day, but will be folded; Service, only group a message a month, but will not be folded. Balabala… “Since this estimate is micro letter online 5.0 circle repetition of a word.

is in ordinary apple user’s attention is focused on the “aircraft” and android users complained that the “prick silk is eligible to play the plane” pleasant proposition at the same time, many public, operators can’t so calm, mostly with selected subscription or service number? After each month only group a message service how to operate?

a, choose to subscribe to, or service number?

this problem can be intuitive understanding to actually need not to need, micro letter group on a daily basis – the public number?

1 , the advantages and disadvantages of subscription number: you must accept the fact, is WeChat folding on subscription number is reduced the disturb of the user, the advantages of faults is to reduce the chances of the subscription number mass message is read. However, don’t need to send as much information or sent fans didn’t read the news, what’s the point? Referred to in (note: this account is commonly enterprise class public accounts)

2 size, service purpose: , in contrast, general food industry, fast retailing industry, digital electronics companies, hotels, and so on the auto industry of micro letter account need mass message to preferential promotional activities, the information such as product launches, the frequency of once a month usually already can meet the demand, really need a mass every day a frequency? You must make a balance between information sending frequency and the user experience.

, both want to use service number and mass in more information? if the group-sent message frequency of once a month really can’t meet the requirements need to increase the frequency of mass, in fact also can settle for second best, looking for other solutions. Many friends care about most is: do you have any solutions to the best of both worlds? In my opinion, on the one hand, can make full use of the custom reply with custom menu, let users self-service query many information; On the other hand, can make use of third party applications, open two account is not necessary anyway.

2, WeChat 5.0 service, operating the trilogy of

WeChat service number was almost cut off a mass function is a big loss, but god closes a door will open a window for you at the same time, let alone the tencent very honest to service a few window: first, the upgraded service Numbers of open the custom menu application; Second, android users can also will be added to the specified public’s desktop icon; Third, the use of WeChat third-party service platform can also make up for the shortage of the service mass number is limited.

WeChat 5.0 a series of actions and auxiliary WeChat third-party platform, for the service, opens the independent service, actually the door of the APP, for the service, opens up a wider road.

1 , do a not forgotten by the fan service number

the first step is to think about is: service, how to don’t forgotten by the fans? For android users, give thanks to the micro letter 5.0 will be added to the desktop of the public’s function, the public to the micro letter “APP appearance”, user can every day to see your desktop icon nature is not easy to be forgotten.

for apple users, can be fun than “plane” is the small east east let fans remember you. Here, the third party platform provides a good solution, such as micro library platform game. These little game provides not only a kind of entertainment and gaming platform gives each USES micro library account a set of independent integral system, each game will get the corresponding points and can be accumulated, accumulated points can be used in the mall to exchange gifts, this is the key to attract fans.

at the same time, this kind of game, elements or props can adjust some of the rules, companies can replace their goods or trademarks. Micro library game platform, for example, has opened up a mstching game:

above on the left is the game set interface module, on the right is the micro letter mobile phone capture the end of the game. Games can set the fans come in to play many times a day, the game scoring mechanism as well as the scores and integral rate, etc. One of the most important characteristics is the game’s six fruit elements can also be customized, such as the six product upload their own pictures as the game elements, believes that the play more own brand characteristics, increase the memory of fans for their degrees.

2 the be clear at a glance, doing a service number

the second step to do is: time to show itself to fans of “the most characteristic” is the business, and must be in the most conspicuous position. WeChat 5.0 at this time to open the service number of custom menu gives us the best choice. Fans into service, every time can see each service in the most prominent position, the features of navigation, we don’t have to worry about fans don’t know how to get the corresponding service, so easy!

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